Browns mess up draft again by passing on Barkley

Browns mess up draft again by passing on Barkley

May 01, 2018 3:01 AM


My prayers as a NY Giants fan were answered. Thanks, Cleveland, for not taking Saquon Barkley.

The Browns just never learn. That’s why they’ve had close to 30 quarterbacks since Big Ben came on the Pittsburgh scene. And the Steelers smartly may have found Roethlisberger’s heir apparent in Mason Rudolph from Oklahoma State in the third round along with his favorite target, James Washington, in round 2.

Maybe that’s why the Steelers have six Super Bowl rings and the Browns have never even been to the NFL title game. Not many had Baker Mayfield in their mock drafts going first to Cleveland. Hey, it’s hard to predict what Cleveland does, except that it almost always fails.

Browns GM John Dorsey swears by the Heisman winner from Oklahoma saying he’s another Drew Brees and not a Johnny Manziel clone. Perhaps history will prove him right, but for now we’ll bet Mayfield will more likely grab his crotch again than make the Hall of Fame.

It’s amazing to me, having both the first and fourth picks in the first round, Cleveland would pass on Barkley. I’ve said this time and again so once more with feeling – the Browns have not been relevant without a quality running back. They’ve had three in my lifetime – Jim Brown, Leroy Kelly and Earnest Byner. We haven’t had a fourth in over a generation and no 1,000 yard rusher since 2010!

Bless Dorsey for allowing the Giants to swoop up Barkley and solve the major hole they’ve had on offense for years – running back. The last one of quality was Tiki Barber and Barkley should be far better. He has been called by some the finest college back since Adrian Peterson.

As for the Jets, they passed on the Chosen One, allowing Josh Rosen to slip all the way down to No.10 with Arizona.

Instead, NYJ opted for Sam Darnold. USC beats UCLA again. The other Josh went to the Bills who traded up to get the Wyoming QB. Well at least Allen will enjoy the frigid conditions at Buffalo having played four seasons in Laramie, Wyoming. He does remind you of Jim Kelly.

So that makes four quarterbacks, which would have won the UNDER 5 in the first-round prop bet except for that very last pick when up came the Baltimore Ravens via a trade to take Louisville’s Lamar Jackson, another Heisman winner.

The great Ozzie Newsome, a former star tight end for Cleveland, made his final picks as Ravens GM in style. Drop the mic, Ozzie, you likely hit a walk-off homer with Jackson, who could be another Deshaun Watson.

Memo to current Baltimore QB Joe Flacco, you would look good wearing Miami Dolphins gear in 2019.

There were some major gaffes among the network coverage, especially when building up Jackson as a perfect fit for New Orleans when Brees finally retires.

But whoa, the Saints opt for defensive end Marcus Davenport out of Texas-San Antonio. Talk about a scramble! Marcus looks like a beast on film. Well done Saints.

I love it when teams reach out to players from junior college, Canada, FCS or small D-1 schools. Flacco himself played at Delaware and won a Super Bowl. That’s far more than Ryan Tannehill has done in Miami.

As for our “Las Vegas” Raiders, their best move other than hiring Jon Gruden was acquiring fleet wide receiver Martavis Bryant from the Steelers – provided he has no dealings with the cops.

And leave it to the Patriots to again come up with a gem picking in the late first round, this time taking Georgia RB a Michel. If Sony turns into another Alvin Kamara, the Pats could hit the Zenith again in the Super Bowl.

Finally, there is no more polarizing person (yes, that includes our prez) than NFL commish Roger Goodell. He uses Cowboys greats Roger Staubach, Troy Aikman and Jason Witten at the Jerry Dome as shields and still gets booed.

Loud, long, continuous boos. You would have thought P.K. Subban hit the ice. Well, perhaps we’ll boo P.K. in the West final if the Knights and Nashville make it that far.