Translating the NFL’s New ‘Principles’

Translating the NFL’s New ‘Principles’

May 21, 2018 11:12 AM


The NFL Communications office on Monday released a statement from Commissioner Roger Goodell that outlines “four core principles” regarding sports betting in the U.S.

Last week after the Supreme Court ruled in favor of New Jersey and against the leagues in Murphy v NCAA, striking down the 1992 federal ban known as PASPA on full-fledged betting outside Nevada, the league announced it would seek from Congress a “core regulatory framework” for legal sports betting. This statement today clarifies those goals and the league’s intentions. Below we’ll unpack the four core points.

The NFL has long known that sports betting is (very) good for business. On the hardwood, Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban declared that this ruling “doubled the value of the professional sports franchises in a second.” Some NFL owners are giddy at new revenues that sports betting expansion may bring. The only remaining questions are how the NFL will manage this Brave New World, and how it can most effectively monetize the opportunity.

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