At this point the NFL remains deceased

Jun 5, 2018 3:00 AM

The NFL we grew up with and took so seriously is gone, never to return. Games and teams we couldn’t wait to watch have mostly become soap operas. The NFL brand of football is now a sideshow to circus-like distractions.

NFL owners have been running around the shower of unhappy fans without getting wet for a few years now. Fans’ beefs have been ignored because the owners had a pat hand. No matter what the NFL put on the field their fans were always there, watching and spending.

The networks and owners winked at each other while the number of commercials grew to the point they affected the continuity of the game. Bad calls, phantom calls, concussions and a few unhinged savages intentionally injuring opponents without being kicked out of the league were ignored.

Meanwhile adoring fan cynicism was building up over salaries and the perception of players eating oatmeal and staring at a cement wall was no longer hush, hush.

Those problems were fixable to a degree but the mother of all problems can’t be fixed, not even with the latest move of OK’ing male cheerleaders. There’s no way out of the National Anthem protests no matter what band-aid the League and owners throw at it.

Waiting it out ain’t gonna work. Patriotic statements from the League office and fixes like giving these ungrateful millionaires the choice to keep their sorry butts in the tunnel while fans stand and sing our National Anthem is going to backfire big time.

The NFL Players Association is against that policy while former and current protesting players are already figuring out how to beat this new policy. These 15-watt bulbs will come up with a new form of protest and on it goes. Good luck dealing with these self-absorbed knuckleheads, some of whom can’t spell cat.

One scenario that will fix this mess is for players who respect our flag and show it during the National Anthem to band together in a protest of their own against the un-American, coddled and ungrateful malcontents.

It would be ugly. They could refuse to play with them forcing the owners and the timid NFL to side with one group or the other. Siding with the protesting Patriotic players would be costly at first but the result would be a bigger more loyal fan base than ever imagined.

College football is heading for a bigger mess than the pro game finds itself in. The NFL has a workable number of owners and league officials and far fewer players to deal with. The NCAA is staffed with uncomprehending twits. There are over one hundred D-1 teams, college presidents, athletic directors and powerful narcissistic coaches. Dealing with them will be nothing compared to dealing with thousands of players once they organize, i.e. unionize.

Multiply those folks with millions of alumni and it’s a real mess.

Finally facing the biggie in the room, i.e. player compensation, will be a game changer. Now that sports betting is OK’d there will be schools wanting a piece of the pie (action). What will most likely result is twenty or so schools giving the NCAA the middle digit and forming a Super Conference with two divisions. The NCAA will still be around but neutered.

Hold on to your hats and BR’s it’ll never be the same. Take care.