Tennis pro Roger Federer still looks great!

July 18, 2017 3:00 AM


I was channel flipping this past Sunday morning while checking Twitter and someone said it’s time for Federer.

I thought, Wimbledon is on, why not tune in? So I did, just in time to see Roger win three straight sets and knock off Marin Cilic to cement his legacy as the greatest tennis player ever.

Billie Jean King has been saying the same thing for years, and commented how remarkable it is for him to still have the passion for the game at 35 years old. There are several things that make Federer special above and beyond his game. One is how he has managed to keep his life so private.

Most people don’t know where he’s even from. I thought it was Sweden, but it’s actually Switzerland. He looks the same as he did a decade ago, and could probably walk down the street in many towns and go unrecognized.

Federer has had some injury issues the past couple of years, including knee surgery, and the time off seems to have been good for him because Sunday he said he felt perfect. Yet six months ago, some people, including Federer, thought he might not be playing at Wimbledon.

Now those same people think he could win a couple more. It has been said No. 4 ranked singles player Novak Djokovic would brush Roger aside, but now it looks to be a clear field.

I promise, I really do, that I will start paying more attention to the greatest tennis player of all time. Heck, the guy hardly even sweats. Well done! @North2North