PGA Tour Agrees It’d Be Foolish to Limit Mobile Betting

PGA Tour Agrees It’d Be Foolish to Limit Mobile Betting

June 27, 2018 9:10 AM


We’ve made the point before but had yet to see it articulated like this by one of the professional sports leagues: If state legislation or regulations limits sports betting to on-premises only at a physical property, and requires people to go casinos/sportsbooks to register for or fund their accounts, that’s an invitation people to stay in or join the black market for sports betting.

PGA Tour Vice President and Assistant General Counsel David Miller on Tuesday addressed this on a panel focusing on sports wagering and data rights at the Hashtag Sports sports media innovation event in New York City. Miller identified mobile wagering as one of the “five main things we’re looking at in legislation that we’re advocating for,” along with Major League Baseball and the NBA.

“It’s not realistic to think that people will go to casinos to fund their accounts or to bet,” Miller explained. “It’s going to happen on phones, and you’re not going to eliminate the illegal market if it’s limited to physical casinos only.”

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