Madness brings Station Casino's Last Man Standing, South Point Jackpot Parlay

Madness brings Station Casino's Last Man Standing, South Point Jackpot Parlay

February 28, 2017 3:09 AM


It won’t be long now until the Madness of March – the NCAA men’s basketball tournament, begins. The frenzy of bracket play starts March 14 and continues seemingly non-stop through March 19, then takes a short breath before resuming March 23 through 26, finishing with the Final Four on April 1 and the Championship on April 3.

During that time Las Vegas will be a buzz of activity and sportsbooks all over town will have every available TV screen tuned in so the overflowing crowds can watch all the action. There will be viewing parties with food and drink specials and, of course, parlay cards. As we go to press, sister company Nevada Parlay Cards is prepping to print close to a half million cards for Nevada’s sportsbooks.

There will also be a couple of contests that even the occasional basketball fan can enjoy, and possibly win a bundle!

Station Casinos will have its annual Last Man Standing contest at all Station, Fiesta and Wildfire properties, plus El Cortez in downtown and Baldini’s up north in Sparks, Nevada, which is just outside Reno. The entry fee is only $25, and if you buy the limit of four entries you get a fifth one free, so you will have five chances to win the top prize – a guaranteed $50,000. Of course you might actually win more because 100 percent of all entry fees will be returned in prize money.

Each day of tournament play, beginning with games on March 16, lines will be posted for that day’s games. You simply need to pick one game – yes, just one – against the spread for each of your entries. If your game wins that entry is eligible to play again on the next tournament day. If your selection loses your entry is eliminated.

Another popular contest is South Point’s Jackpot Parlay Card, which is also available at Rampart in the northwest part of town and Riverside in Laughlin, Nevada.

The Jackpot card is probably one of the simplest contests ever created as there are no points or handicaps involved; you simply need to pick the winner of each game. Plus, at $5 per entry it is priced to fit even the smallest of betting budgets. For those with deeper pockets, there is no limit on the number of entries you can buy.

Actually, there are two Jackpot contests, each with a guaranteed $10,000 top prize. The first is for games played Thursday, March 16 and the second for games played Friday, March 17. There are 16 games in each contest and you simply need to pick the winner of each game. The contestant with the most winners gets the prize.

Complete rules for the Station and South Point contests are available in their sportsbooks. Check it out and enter. You might win a lumberyard with a toothpick!

See you around town.