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The Sports Illustrated Sportsbook app launched in Colorado, Michigan, and Virginia. It has some promising features. It has a competitive welcome bonus. The app’s Bet Feed is a good way to view lines that will close out soon. Its odds are pretty good, too. However, its app has some redundancies and issues that need to be ironed out before it can be competitive in the states it is live in and the markets that Sports Illustrated Sportsbook plans on expanding into.

The Sports Illustrated Sportsbook Michigan offer code is for $200 in bonus bets if you win your first $20 bet. This is a great offer for those who have identified a high-confidence pick for just $20.

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Sports Illustrated Sportsbook Promo Code 2024

Sports Illustrated Michigan new players can bet $20 to get $200 when they sign up for the app. Terms and conditions apply.

📱 Sports Illustrated Sportsbook Promo CodeNone
💰 Type of BonusBet $20, Get $200
📜 Terms and ConditionsNew users only; must be 21+. Additional terms and conditions apply.
🇺🇸 States Available InCO, MI & VA
✅ Promo Code Verified ForMay 2024
⭐️ Known ForWeekly bonuses
👍 ProsDaily betting bonuses, unique and cutting edge app platform, and fast payout speed.
👎 ConsLess availability in legal states and no live streaming capabilities.

See Sports Illustrated in Action


Sports Illustrated Sportsbook Michigan users who create an account can bet $20 to get up to $200 in bonus bets. These bonus bets come in the form of eight $25 bets. You simply need to win your first bet to cash in!

Bettors who want to register can use our Sports Illustrated Sportsbook MI promo code link below to credit this bonus to their accounts. 


Sports Illustrated Sportsbook has the most important pieces of a competitive sportsbook in place. There are many Sports Illustrated Sportsbook betting markets. However, large sports selections are common among major sportsbook brands. Sports Illustrated Sportsbook also has many leagues within each sport that bettors can wager on.

From major leagues like NFL football to less popular sports like handball, bettors will find many leagues and lines to bet on. 

However, Sports Illustrated Sportsbook offers a unique feature that makes it easy for bettors who want to find something to bet on quickly. Sports Illustrated Sportsbook’s Bet Feed allows bettors to filter upcoming events by popularity, start time, and most recent bets placed.

Bettors can further filter Sports Illustrated Sportsbook’s betting lines by bet types and sports, too. This allows bettors to bet quickly instead of waiting for popular events that are well-known to transpire every week. 

Bettors can also go to the live betting tab if they want to see the most popular sports instead of filtering through obscure leagues, like Estonian soccer. It’s a little redundant to have both the Bet Feed and the live betting lines. The live betting tab just puts the most popular sports front and center in a way that the Bet Feed doesn’t. 

But the biggest feature that’s lacking is a search option. Bettors can scroll through Sports Illustrated Sportsbook’s A-Z sports list. But there’s no search option where bettors can type a specific event they’d like in.

Bettors have to rely on the Bet Feed to filter their options and find the line they’re looking for. It’s a frustrating feature to lack. Cool features like a recommendations tab don’t make up for lacking the basics.         


Odds are fluid and ever-changing. You might find a great line two days before a match only to discover the odds have tanked by game time. Thankfully, most sportsbooks offer competitive odds that make it easy for bettors to find the most profitable options. Sports Illustrated is no different. The site offers competitive lines, making it a key stop along your odds shopping journey.

Point Spreads And Totals At Sports Illustrated

Look at a sample of sportsbooks, and you’ll find precious little deviation from the norm in point spreads and totals lines. However, there is some deviation, and that’s important. Tiny differences can have large impact on your long-term profitability. Here are a few things to keep in mind when betting point spreads and totals.

  • Higher point spreads on the underdog (+3.5 is better than +3).
  • Smaller point spreads are better for the favorite (-2 is better than -3.5)
  • Totals with higher lines are better for betting the under (219.5 is better than 218).
  • Conversely, lower lines are better when you’re betting the over (117 is better than 118.5).

Here’s a look at Sports Illustrated point spreads and totals vs. competitor PointsBet:

Sports Illustrated Point SpreadPointsBet Point SpreadSports Illustrated TotalsPointsBet Totals
Chicago Bulls+12.5 (-110)+12 (-110)Over 217.5 (-110)Over 218 (-105)
Milwaukee Bucks-12.5 (-110)-12 (-110)Under 217.5 (-110)Under 218 (-115)

If you’re betting on the Bulls, Sports Illustrated is the best option with regard to the point spread. PointsBet would be the clear choice for a bet on the Bucks to cover. The totals offer an interesting case study. Sports Illustrated has a better line for betting the over while PointsBet’s would seem to favor the under. However, PointsBet’s vig is slightly different. -105 is a more favorable payout than -110, but you’d have to sacrifice the half point advantage in order to get the better payout.

This comparison proves the value of line shopping. Stay vigilant and hunt for the most advantageous odds and markets you can find.

Moneylines At Sports Illustrated

Moneyline bets are wagers on a single side to win, regardless of the margin of victory. Baseball is a favorite among moneyline bettors because it’s slow, strategic, and makes for many close match-ups with close-to-even odds. Here’s a look at moneyline odds for a single MLB game from Sports Illustrated and PointsBet:

MLB Moneyline OddsSports IllustratedPointsBet
New York Mets-125-121
St. Louis Cardinals+105+100

PointsBet gives the better line on the Mets (the favorite to win). A $121 bet would win you $100, whereas Sports Illustrated would require $125 for the same potential payout.

On the other hand, Sports Illustrated gives odds of +105 on the Cardinals. A $100 bet would pay out $105. PointsBet would only pay out $100 on that same bet.

Yet again, these examples showcase the advantage that comes from shopping for the best odds at multiple sportsbooks.

Sports Illustrated Futures Bets

When looking at futures bets, it helps to know about theoretical hold. That’s the profit a sportsbook expects to make on a given market. The higher the theoretical hold, the worse the odds tend to be for that market. However, you should always bet the best odds for your preferred wager, regardless of the hold. Here’s a comparison between Sports Illustrated and PointsBet again, this time with NBA futures markets and theoretical hold.

Sports Illustrated SportsbookPointsBet
Golden State Warriors Odds+320+300
Boston Celtics Odds+450+375
NBA Futures Theoretical Hold12.62%18.17%

As you can see, Sports Illustrated has a theoretical hold about 6 percentage points lower than PointsBet. When you see variations of 5-6%, that’s when big differences in odds start to come through. Sports Illustrated has odds that reflect its lower hold. Both the Warriors and Celtics have higher-paying odds at Sports Illustrated than at PointsBet.

Remember, the theoretical hold is a helpful measure, but you should always stick with the best odds. Here, Sports Illustrated proves it’s a worthy stop along your odds shopping excursion.


Sports Illustrated Sportsbook mobile betting could be made easier. Because of the redundancies created by similar features on multiple pages, the app is clunky and confusing to navigate. However, this will likely improve as Sports Illustrated Sportsbook collects feedback. Many other sportsbooks have launched Colorado, Michigan, and Virginia and made major updates to their apps over time. Here’s how its platform-specific apps compare and where bettors can find them. 

Sports Illustrated Sportsbook iOS App 

Bettors can download the Sports Illustrated Sportsbook iOS app from the Apple App Store. So, it’s easily accessible. The iOS app is stable and performs well. Bettors don’t have to deal with lagging or crashes. It’s a good app whose issues come from the layout and features rather than the app’s software. So, it’s a good mobile betting app for interested bettors.    

Sports Illustrated Sportsbook Android App 

The Google Play Store has allowed gambling apps since January 2021. Sports Illustrated Sportsbook takes advantage of this availability and offers its app on the Google Play Store. So, it’s one of the more accessible Android apps. Its performance is smooth and reliable like the iOS app. Its issues come from overlapping sportsbook features instead of app development problems.    

Sports Illustrated Sportsbook Online

The Sports Illustrated Sportsbook site is easy to find. The utility of a larger screen makes a big difference in a bettor’s ability to navigate the sportsbook, too. It’s easier for bettors to find their way through the sportsbook site than the mobile betting app. It’s a sign that the sportsbook needs to be simplified.  


Finding and downloading the Sports Illustrated Sportsbook app is easy. Bettors can find the app on the Apple Store and the Google Play Store. So, it’s easy to find through a Google search or a direct search on the app store. 

Signing up looks easy at a glance, but it can be a tedious process if Sports Illustrated Sportsbook can’t automatically verify details. Registration is a two-step process. First, bettors enter their logins, security question answer, and phone number. Then, bettors enter their names, date of birth, last four digits of their social security number, and address.

If Sports Illustrated Sportsbook can automatically verify those details, then bettors are done. But if Sports Illustrated Sportsbook can’t, then bettors must enter their full social security number and upload a government-issued ID. 

But once that’s done, bettors can make their first deposits, claim the welcome bonus, and place their first bets. To make a deposit, bettors access their accounts in the top-right corner of the screen, then hit ‘deposit.’ Bettors are recommended to use bank transfers (ACH) or Play+ Cards to deposit because they can also be used to make withdrawals. However, bettors can also use VISA, MasterCard, Discover cards, online banking transfer, and PayNearMe to deposit. 

To claim the welcome bonus, bettors can enter our Sports Illustrated Sportsbook promo code. Then bettors must place their first wagers while fulfilling the bonus terms. It’s a standard process that runs into bumps at the beginning but smooths out when bettors get past identity verification.


Sports Illustrated Sportsbook is located in three states so far. Colorado was Sports Illustrated Sportsbook’s launching point and Virginia and Michigan have since joined the Centennial State. It plans to launch in Iowa, Indiana, and New Jersey, too. 

Launching a product in Virginia’s market is a good way to see how a sportsbook stacks up against large and small competitors. Sports Illustrated Sportsbook Virginia has the bones of a strong sportsbook in place. It just needs to match the seamlessness of the strongest Virginia competitors.

For example, Sports Illustrated Sportsbook Virginia needs a search function. Bettors need to be able to search for specific lines, and they need to do it easily. The Bet Feed option is cool on its own. But separating live betting lines from markets that are about to go live violates a navigational standard that’s common among major sportsbooks. Sports Illustrated Sportsbook needs to conform to some of these conventions to become an intuitive and accessible product. 

Availability Across App Stores

One of the biggest things that Sports Illustrated Sportsbook has done right is making its app available on the Apple Store and the Google Play Store. Since it’s equally accessible to iOS and Android users, Sports Illustrated Sportsbook will likely scale well. Too often, iOS users have an easily accessible app from their App Store. However, many sportsbook brands have been slow to upload an Android app directly to the Google Play Store. Making Android users go through the extra steps of visiting a website and downloading it from their gives them a less seamless experience than Apple users. 

So, when Sports Illustrated Sportsbook Virginia becomes Sports Illustrated Sportsbook Indiana, it should have an easy time reaching users of both operating systems. The trick will be adjusting its app features to eliminate redundancies and simplify its app.


Our Sports Illustrated Sportsbook review score reflects the sportsbook’s current weaknesses in the competitive Michigan market. However, there aren’t that many major fixes that it needs to make to join the highest echelon of sportsbooks. Its odds and welcome bonus are competitive, and the Sports Illustrated Sportsbook app has some great features.

However, those features include redundancies that clutter and confuse bettors looking for basic features, like a search option. Once it makes those fixes, it could be a strong competitor in one of the most competitive sportsbook markets in the United States.    

What You’ll LikeWhat Could Be Improved
Bet Feed FeatureRedundancies Across Features
Recommended Bets Based on Past WinsState-by-State Access
Competitive Game Lines and Futures OddsAutomatic Identity Verification

Sports Illustrated Sportsbook App Review

Deposit And Withdrawal 

Deposit Methods

  • Bank Transfer (ACH) – This is the most direct deposit method, but may run into problems if a bettor’s bank still blocks direct deposits to gambling companies. 
  • VISA – VISA debit and credit cards are both accepted. 
  • MasterCard – MasterCard debit cards are accepted at Sports Illustrated Sportsbook. 
  • Discover Card – Discover Card is not only accepted at Sports illustrated Sportsbook, but is increasingly accepted by others, too. 
  • Play+ Card – If bettors have Play+ Cards, they can use them at Sports Illustrated Sportsbook as they can at most others. 
  • Online Banking Transfer – This is another online banking option that uses a bettor’s Bill Pay option to transfer money from their banks to their sportsbook account. 
  • PayNearMe – This is a cash deposit method used in conjunction with participating convenience stores. 

Withdrawal Methods 

  • Bank Transfer (ACH) – Bettors can use this withdrawal method if they use it as a deposit method first. 
  • Play+ Card – Play+ Cards are a good way to keep a separate bankroll for sports betting. 

Sports Illustrated Sportsbook Customer Support 

Sports Illustrated Sportsbook offers one customer service email, and it doesn’t work. Instead, bettors should use the online submission form or browse the FAQs to find the answers to their questions and concerns. 

Sports Illustrated Sportsbook Licensing 

Sports Illustrated Sportsbook is licensed by regulated governing bodies in Colorado, Michigan, and Virginia. If and when SI Sportsbook expands it will do so by being regulated in those states as well. 

Sports Illustrated Sportsbook App FAQs

Is Sports Illustrated Sportsbook Legal?

Yes. Sports Illustrated Sportsbook is licensed by the Virginia Lottery, Michigan State Lottery and Gaming Control Agency, and Colorado Gaming Commission. So, Sports Illustrated Sportsbook has the right to operate in CO, MI, and VA.

Does Sports Illustrated Sportsbook Have An Apple iOS App?

Yes. Bettors can download Sports Illustrated Sportsbook from the Apple App Store. That makes the app easy to find not only in an Apple Store search but also in an online search. It’s an accessible and reliable app that bettors should feel comfortable betting on.   

Does Sports Illustrated Sportsbook Have An Android App?

Yes. Sports Illustrated Sportsbook has an Android app that bettors can download from the Google Play Store. However, bettors can also download the Android app directly from the Sports Illustrated Sportsbook website. It’s accessible and easy to find for an Android app, which is one of the app’s best features. 

How Does Geolocation Work On Sports Illustrated Sportsbook?

Sports Illustrated Sportsbook creates a geofence around its legal markets. Bettors inside the geofence can place bets, and bettors outside the fence cannot. However, bettors can create Sports Illustrated Sportsbook accounts from anywhere in the United States. They just can’t place bets in illegal markets. 

What Is Sports Illustrated Sportsbook’s Welcome Bonus?

Bet $20 to get up to $200 at Sports Illustrated Sportsbook Michigan! Terms and conditions apply.

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