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For the love of roulette!

Oct 16, 2007 3:40 AM

A Romanian man has gone on hunger strike because he was banned from his local casino.

The man, 49-year-old Ioan Seutiut, started his protest after casino workers kicked him out for "swearing and shouting too loud".

Since then, he has been sitting on a chair in front of the casino in Deva, Hunedoara county, with a note reading: "Roulette hunger strike".

He says he will not eat or accept medical attention until he is allowed to play roulette in the casino again.

"I have a lot of money on me and I want to play it all on the roulette but they just don’t let me," he explained. "They say I swear and talk too loud but everybody shouts in there especially when losing. After all it’s not a church, it’s the roulette."

He now plans to erect a tent just outside the casino and stay in it until he is allowed to play or is given back the money he lost there — about $10,000.

"I love the roulette even though it cost me lots of money," he said. "But that’s my problem and all I ask from this casino is to let me play. If not I will not leave this place."

Judging by the size of his girth, the hunger strike might prove to be worthwhile, even if he never plays roulette again.