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The Crapshooter: Gain betting edge with a hedge

Feb 5, 2008 12:20 AM

Want to know the secret of using a hedge system in craps?

A hedge is a bet that almost cancels out another bet, resulting in a small but positive profit.

For example, if you have a don’t-come bet of $20 and it goes to the six or eight, you can place bet the same number for $18.

Then if the seven rolls you win $20 and lose $18, giving you a $2 profit.

If the six or eight rolls, you win $21 and lose $20, giving you a $1 profit.

Of course, if you bet consistently in this manner, the comps you receive from the casino should far outweigh your profits.

Here’s how the pro craps players use hedge systems to increase their profits.

Craps pros can turn almost every bet they make into a hedged bet. For instance, if they bet $25 pass line, they can hedge it from the 2, 3 and 12 by betting 3-way craps.

You can add place bets before the come out and have them hedged by the pass line bet. For example, you can bet $22 inside ($5 on the five and nine, and $6 on the six and eight), along with your $25 pass line and $3 three-way.

If one of the inside numbers hits, you win $4 ($7-$3). If the seven or eleven rolls you break even ($25 — $22 — $3). The 2/12 will give you a $5 profit ($30—$22— $3). Your only loss comes from the three ($15 — $25 — $2), but you can hedge that (if a lot of threes are rolling) by betting $2 instead of $1 on the three.

You can also hedge your Don’t Come bets. Many times a don’t bettor will see their $25 don’t come go to the six or eight and they will yell "no action."

Instead, they could place a hedge bet and be assured of a small profit.

You can place either number for $24. If the seven rolls, you win $1 ($25 — $24). If the six or eight rolls you win $3 ($28 — $25) — not much in either case, but certainly better than the nothing you would have received by removing your bets.

If you’re on the Don’t Come and the point is not a six or eight, the betting gets easier. If your $25 don’t come goes to the four or 10, you can place $15 on that number. If the seven rolls you win $10 ($25 — $15) and if the four or 10 rolls, you win $5 ($30 — $25).

The five or nine also can give you a profit on $25 hedged Don’t Come bets. Just bet $20 on the number. If the seven rolls you win $5 ($25 — $20). If the five or nine hits you also win $5 ($30 - $25).

As you can see, once you have a don’t come point, you are assured of making a profit by using hedge bets.

Not a large profit, but you will also get full comp credit for both of these bets at the casinos that give comp credit for spread.

So, the next time you play, try to cover most of your wagers with hedge bets. It’s fun to do, it’s profitable and it can really increase your comps.