New betting option livens up craps

Oct 14, 2008 5:03 PM

By GT Staff |

Casino Gaming LLC, the creator of the popular Blackjack betting option Automatic Win, announced last month that it was launching "7 Point 7," a new betting option for craps players. The new bet made its debut at the The Orleans in Las Vegas on Sept. 19.

"We have researched and developed ‘7 Point 7’ to provide players with an alternative betting option for the game of craps," said Frank Mugnolo, president of Casino Gaming. "Casino Gaming continues to innovate those tried and true popular table games in the gaming industry, paving the way for new and exciting versions of those traditional casino games. We feel that ‘7 Point 7’ will be well received by the craps players due to the challenges, risks and rewards that come with each bet."

Here is how ‘7 Point 7’ works: A player can make a ‘7 Point 7’ bet on the craps table right before the come-out roll, When the dice are rolled and a 7 comes, the ‘7 Point 7’ bet wins 2 to 1. If a 2, 3, 11, or 12 is shot on the come-out roll, the ‘7 Point 7’ bet loses. Otherwise, a point is established and the ‘7 Point 7’ bet remains in action.

Once a point is established, the very next roll of the dice will determine if the bet wins or loses: If a 7 is rolled next, the ‘7 Point 7’ bet then wins 3 to 1, otherwise the ‘7 Point 7" bet loses.

In the traditional game of craps, a player betting "with the dice" would win 1 to 1 when a 7 is rolled on the come-out roll. However, with a ‘7 Point 7’ bet in play, the player will win 2 to 1. Additionally, in a traditional game, a player that bets "with the dice" and rolls a point followed by a 7 would lose the bet. However, with the ‘7 Point 7’ bet in play, the player then wins 3 to 1.

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