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$100K craps set for Hilton

Oct 21, 2008 5:05 PM

by GT Staff |

The Las Vegas Hilton will host a $100,000 craps tournament this Wednesday and Thursday with a first place prize of $50,000.

Players can earn an entry into the event by betting $5 on the 11 and then throwing 11 on the come out roll. Otherwise, the entry fee is $499. The total amount goes to the tourney along with a three-night stay at the Hilton.

There will be a welcoming reception on Tuesday. The Hilton’s 74,000-square foot casino area will be where the tourney is contested with the awards presentation taking place immediately after the event ends.

The prize structure is as follows:

First place: $50,000


Second: $10,000


Third: $8,000


Fourth: $5,000


Fifth: $4,000


Sixth: $2,000


7-12: $1,500 each


13-24: $1,000 each