Second time playing craps produces record run

May 26, 2009 5:02 PM

Patricia Demauro is the dream of every person who has ever played craps. Unfortunately for us in Las Vegas, she did her damage to the house at the Borgata in Atlantic City.

Demauro set a new record for the longest craps roll – four hours and 18 minutes of throwing numbers. The achievement occurred last Saturday and broke the previous record that stood for nearly 20 years. Honolulu’s Stanley Fujitake had the old mark of three hours and six minutes when playing in Las Vegas.

“This was only my second time playing craps, so this was very exciting for me to be a part of history,” said Demauro, who lives in Denville in northern New Jersey.

Demauro entered the game with $100 and quickly drew a cheering crowd. She had 154 successful rolls of the dice before her record run ended around 12:31 a.m., complemented with a champagne toast from the casino.

Borgata officials wouldn’t say how much money Demauro won.