Rapid Roulette off to a fast start

Apr 30, 2002 9:42 PM

New York-New York last week debuted a brand new table game, Rapid Roulette, which has already caught fire with players.

"In the first three days there were already people two and three deep waiting for the chance to play," said Roy Haskell, NY-NY vice president of casino operations. "This is the only game of its kind in the U.S. and players have welcomed it enthusiastically."

The game is produced by the John Huxley company, and is in a 90-day trial run at New York-New York on the Las Vegas Strip.

The game features a live roulette wheel, a live dealer and live attendants, but players follow the action on their own video game stations, where they also make bets and manage their money.

"It’s a fantastic concept because players can move at their own pace, they can repeat a series of bets ”” all without the necessity of reaching all the way across the table layout," Haskell said. He added that the roulette station can accommodate 12 players at any given time.

The principles of the game remain the same ” after all, it is still a live roulette wheel” but players can place and "move" their bets around on the touchscreen video monitors. In addition to watching the action on their own monitors, players can see the ball land on a large screen monitor over the layout.

HIGH TECH ”” Players make bets . . . on personal video screens