Keno at the El Cortez offers more unique rates than anyone in Vegas

Keno at the El Cortez offers more unique rates than anyone in Vegas

August 23, 2016 3:08 AM


This week, we return to discuss the keno game at the El Cortez. It has a lot going for it such as being open 24/7 and having 50% of its seating nonsmoking. Most unique is they have more rates than any other casino in town. They have 40-cent, $.65, $.70, $.85, $.95, $1, $1.10, $1,25 and $1.50 MegaKeno. That is nine different rates, surely something for everyone and anyone!

In my opinion the 40-cent, $.65, $1.25 and, of course, the MegaKeno $1.50 rate, when the progressive gets high enough, are clearly your best bets. The $1.25 is the second best rate for most tickets (the 40-cent rate is slightly better return wise for the 5-spot) in downtown. The return runs from 77% to 81.5% for the $1.25 rate, depending on the number of spots played.

A combination ticket is when you mix rates on the same ticket. For example, you could write a ticket grouped as 2-2-1-1 and play the 6 at $1.25, the two 5s at 80 cents each (using the 40-cent rate to get the lowest house edge), the three 4s at the 65-cent rate, and the four 4s at the $1.10 rate to go for a $200 pay for a solid 4.

Thus you would pay $1.25 + 2($0.80) + 3($0.65) + 4($1.10) = $1.25 + $1.60 + $1.95 + $4.40 = $9.20.

Just make sure you specify the rate desired by marking it on your ticket adjacent to your ways so you get the exact ticket you desire. Please check your ticket before you leave the counter to make sure it is correct!

While your games are running you will find some good video poker at the El Cortez, which has 3-to-2 on all blackjack games, and 10 times odds on craps. The food is good and inexpensive and the rooms are nice. The Cabana Suites are across the street and are 100% nonsmoking with free Wi-Fi and a refrigerator in every room.

Host Nords Malilay does an excellent job taking care of your every need and is very realistic in taking care of your needs with a reasonable amount of play.

The slot club pays more than most in terms of cash back and monthly coupons obtainable at the kiosk give you very good values as well. The casino is well served by transit, has a complimentary shuttle to the airport six days a week, is a six-block walk from the bus station and just two blocks from the Fremont Street Experience Canopy.

The El Cortez is the only downtown casino offering MegaKeno and they use the better of the two paytables available. Megakeno is a statewide keno progressive for 5 to 10 spot tickets. Go to to see the current level of the progressives.

For those of you into budget keno, go for their 40-cent rate that allows 20-cent ways on tickets of 10 ways or more. The 2-2-1-1 playing the 6s, 5s, 4s and 3s with a total of 10 ways can be played at 20 cents a way for a total of $2 per game.

Any questions, please write me at the email below and I will try to answer promptly. Best of luck to you!