Pinches Tacos will get a returning customer

Oct 27, 2015 3:00 AM

This week we tried a new Mexican place that just opened. This was purely being in the right place at the right time.

A new office/residential complex just opened up in the Summerlin area called the Gramercy, conveniently located right off the 215 on West Russell Road. It’s a unique concept where they have built three buildings on the complex. Two of them are office and retail while the third is luxury condos.

The two buildings that house office and retail have space on the second floor and above. The first floor will house retail shops and restaurants. One of the first restaurants to open is Pinches Tacos (9205 W. Russell Road, Suite 190).

If you are looking for authentic fresh Mexican food, check out this place. They open at 9 a.m. to serve breakfast to the working crowd and don’t close till 1 a.m., taking care of the late night crowd as well. I’ve made a few visits for lunch.

They say folklore has it that their great uncles used to run with the infamous Pancho Villa as his cooks or as they were called, Pinches. The story has it that Pancho would yell “Pinche Traime, unos tacos,” which means, “Cook, bring me some tacos.” Well, when you come here you will be brought some mighty fine tacos.

The layout is cool. Entering you go up to a food truck to order. Yes, I said a food truck inside the restaurant that they use to place your order from. It’s a nice touch that gives you the feel of southern California ordering street tacos.

I ordered the Pinche Combination plate that for $9.50 lets you choose three different tacos from 11 along with rice, beans and chips. So far I have tried the Pollo (roasted chicken), Al Pastor (slow broiled, marinated pork), Asada (grilled grass fed beef) and Camaron Frito (shrimp with Veracruz coleslaw).

Two other items I have tried here are their Mexican corn on the cob and their Queso Chorizo Dip. I found both absolutely amazing. The corn on the cob is dusted with chili powder and has Mexican cream and cheese on it. The Queso Chorizo Dip wasn’t on the menu but was a special that day and excellent. It was made with aged cheddar, roasted bell peppers, pork and Chorizo. Great start as an appetizer.

Business brought me to Pinches Tacos for the first time but the food is what will have me back for future visits. The staff is very friendly and the owner/manager was walking around talking to the customers on my visit, which is something I always like to see. I give Pinches Tacos a rating of 3.75 Forks.

Marco D’Angelo is a Race Horse Owner and Breeder, Professional Sports Handicapper and Bettor. You can find Marco at and Twitter: @MarcoInVegas. Email: [email protected]