Not too busy to take in Gordon Ramsay Steak

Apr 12, 2016 3:00 AM

I’ve been busy the last few weeks house hunting and then finally moving. So between packing and unpacking we haven’t done a lot of eating out. But the wife and I did find time to attend the one-year anniversary show of 50 Shades the Parody at Bally’s and have dinner at Gordon Ramsay Steak inside Paris casino.

This was the only Ramsay restaurant I hadn’t been to. When you walk inside the vibe is ultra hip. It’s not your typical steakhouse décor and the music gives you more of a feel that you are headed to a nightclub instead of a steakhouse. The restaurant consists of two levels with the second floor tables offering a cool view down onto the main restaurant area and the bar.

The wife and I started off with a Caesar Salad, which was very good. It had two Scotch eggs on top for an added touch. Next it was time to order our entrée, and you know things are going to be good when the waiter wheels out a cart with all their steaks proudly on display.

It was more like a trophy case Gordon Ramsay was showing off. I was between the Bone-In Rib Eye and the Bone-In New York Strip and decided on the Strip. Bone-In New York Strip is not common, usually it’s boneless. I was quite happy with my choice and my steak was cooked to the temperature I requested.

My wife decided to go with a chicken dish, as we were going to a show after dinner she wanted something lighter. I would never encourage ordering chicken in a steakhouse but I have to say I was quite impressed with this dish as Lori was nice enough to let me sample it.

The chicken was very moist on the inside but had a nice crunch outside as the breast was served with the skin on. I know from a healthy standpoint most people like skinless but I’m not one of them.

This was a light dish with a nice lemon sauce. I ordered the loaded baked potato as my side dish and in traditional steakhouse fashion it was a monster of a potato and more than enough to share.

For dessert they have several tempting treats but the signature must-try is the Sweet Toffee Pudding. This is a sweet pudding cake with brown sugar toffee and brown butter ice cream. It is huge and more than enough, but trust me, you really won’t want to share. It was that good.

Gordon Ramsay is as much about the presentation and atmosphere as it is the food and that’s always a good thing. The service was very good, as you would expect in an upscale restaurant. Our waiter made sure to ask if we were celebrating anything special or had any time constraints such as a show to get to.

I like when your waiter gets involved in your evening and makes sure to get you where you need to go if you are up against the clock. There are a lot of great steakhouses here in Las Vegas and especially on the Strip. Gordon Ramsay is one of them. I give it 3.50 Forks.

Marco D’Angelo is a Race Horse Owner & Breeder, Professional Sports Handicapper & Bettor. You can find Marco at and by following him on twitter: @MarcoInVegas. Email: [email protected].