Coffee Pub on W. Sahara carries full-service breakfast and lunch

September 06, 2016 3:00 AM


This week I tried lunch at the Coffee Pub (2800 W. Sahara Ave.), which has been serving Las Vegas since 1984. That should tell you something right there.

To be honest, when a friend suggested Coffee Pub I wasn’t even sure they served food, as we could have been just hanging out and catching up over a cup of coffee. To my surprise this was a full service breakfast and lunch place with a pretty extensive menu.

There is a very nice list of gourmet sandwiches. I went with the Malibu, which was hot pastrami, Mozzarella cheese, chopped black olives, lettuce and tomato on rye bread. The pastrami was excellent and the sandwich was huge. All sandwiches come with the choice of chips, pasta salad or fresh fruit.

You can get a half sandwich and cup of soup. My friend had the Pub Dip and said it was so good that I found myself in the area a few days later and had it for myself with soup.

The soup of the day was cream of mushroom, which was quite tasty. I went with the pasta salad as my side dish and, just like the first time I was here, it was good.

The breakfast dishes I saw at the tables around me looked very good, especially one dish in particular – a lobster omelet. I’m one of those people who, when it comes to food and I get a particular dish in my head it’s a pretty safe bet I’m going to end up getting what I was thinking about rather quickly.

I ended up back at the Coffee Pub over the weekend, ordered the lobster omelet and it didn’t disappoint. Being the foodie I am I had to tweet out a picture of my lobster omelet with the caption “This is how we do breakfast in Vegas.”

I had so many people hitting me up on Twitter wanting to know where I was eating breakfast. You can also get their Grilled Lobster Melt sandwich.

The Coffee Pub is open just like so many breakfast and lunch places in town from 7 a.m. to 3. p.m., weekdays and 8 a.m. to 2 p.m., on the weekends. Each time I was at the Coffee Pub the place was busy and the food came out quickly, knowing most of their clientele have to get back to work.

Another nice touch was each time my waitress asked me if I wanted a to-go cup for my drink. The wait staff was very friendly and helpful with the menu. The food was very good and the portions were good size and very reasonable. My lobster omelet with toast and choice of potatoes was just $11.95.

I give the Coffee Pub a rating of 3.75 Forks.