Wing King lives up to its royal name

Wing King lives up to its royal name

September 26, 2017 3:08 AM


Regular readers of my column know one of my favorite foods is chicken wings. I actually believe chicken wings are their own food group. So what if there was a chicken wing place that had 80 different flavors of wings?

Wing King just opened a restaurant at 4235 S. Fort Apache Road, only three minutes from my house. It happened on Saturday, Sept, 16, and I was there along with several of my buddies. We each ordered different wing sauces so we could share, and taste as many as possible. It’s going to take several trips to try the entire menu but I accept the challenge.

I ordered the Triple Garlic mild wings. The sauce was excellent and they had no problem when I asked for my wings to be cooked crispy. They were done to perfection. I will order this flavor again.

Some other flavors my buddies ordered that I tried were Garlic Parmesan, Honey Mustard Slam, Sweet Chili Jerk, Brown Sugar Bourbon and just regular Mild. I liked every one of them except the Honey Mustard Slam – but full disclosure, I don’t like mustard so my opinion doesn’t count.

All the sauces are on the hotter side. Medium at Wing King is more like hot at other places. If spice is an issue go one level lower than you usually would.

Although chicken wings are the star of the show, for those who don’t want wings you can order Chicken Strips and have them tossed in any of the 80 sauces. The chicken strips are hand cut and breaded then tossed in your favorite sauce. Wing King also has an item called Pig Wings, which are 4-ounce pork shanks tossed in your favorite sauce. I didn’t try these but will on a future visit. What I liked about all the different sauces is they offer several dry rub flavors too, 19 of them to be exact.

We had a large order of fresh, hand-cut fries to share at $10.99 that easily fed the four of us. They were absolutely some of the best I have had in town – crispy on the outside yet soft and moist on the inside. They were seasoned perfectly just as they were but if you want you can order any of the 80 wing sauces as a dipping sauce for just $1 per sauce.

Wing King offers a wide variety of appetizers to get your party started, including Onion Rings, Gouda Bites, Fried Pickles, hand-breaded Mozzarella Sticks and cheesy Garlic Bread just to name a few. Wing King also offers salads, burgers, chicken sandwiches and pizza. There is something on the menu for everyone.

The waitresses were great and very attentive to all of our needs. The food was great and the wings are, in my opinion, the best in the city. Wing King is my new favorite wing place and thus gets my highest rating of 4 forks. We think owner Brian Peace has a real winner.