Mary Wilson opens at the Riviera, Phantom celebrates 5th year

Jun 28, 2011 3:02 AM

The iconic Mary Wilson of The Supremes opened at the Riviera. What can I say about Mary that hasn’t been said before?

This is just an idea but I see a one-woman type show with the divine Miss Wilson. She wrote a book about Detroit, the projects, the triumphs and successes, as well as the lovely Miss Diana Ross. Fans of the Supremes and Mary would not be disappointed to see this type of show, with Mary backed by a piano or possibly a trio, just singing, talking, and answering questions.

In the audience to see Wilson play the Riv were Clint Holmes and wife Kelly Clinton Holmes, who broke her ankle again so she’s out of Nunsense at the Hilton. By the way, Holmes, a Las Vegas favorite, will be at the Suncoast July 2 and 3.

And, Flavo Flav! also came out to see Mary. Hey dude, what’s up?

The Riviera is going through a great transformation – Starlite Theater, the Comedy Room and a new assortment of retail outlets.

Crazy Girls, the longest running cabaret show in Vegas is still going strong. But again, all I can tell you is when I go out to see these acts and old friends of mine, it helps me understand that I am also a one-man show, a celebrity columnist, a critique-at-large – and sometimes a real nightmare.

At the beginning of the evening, we had dinner at Kristofer’s with two of my favorite people, Jim and Rose Perine, along with my manager/partner Bruce, to celebrate Jim’s birthday. The menu selections were excellent and even surprising.

We had a wonderful salmon, a stuffed pork chop that would make the pig envious, beef Oscar with crab and asparagus (with an excellent Béarnaise sauce) and Kristofer’s prime rib special at a great price. All of the selections were outstanding with rice pilaf and garlic potatoes as accompaniments.

The surprise was the dessert – a Bananas Foster to die for. The presentation was almost breathtaking and was large enough to feed the entire table. Even for those in our group who didn’t care for bananas, the dessert had something to offer.

The boat in which the dessert was served was a small, nutty, taco-type basket shell filled with ice cream, bananas and caramel sauce, and abundant whipped cream adorned the plate. This was both visually stimulating and a jolt to the taste buds.

Last week in Vegas we were all shocked and dismayed that Crystal Harris, runaway bride, was at the Wet Republic with Heidi Montag with the big bazooms. These are the dueling divas. And in the other corner we had Holly Madison defending her ex-husband.

We have so much to talk about regarding George Maloof at the Palms. His sister has the LA Housewives and the family owns the Sacramento Kings. Andy Cohen was also here and said he would never produce a show called the Las Vegas Housewives. For all you wannabes in Las Vegas, "get a life!"

Back to the Maloof situation, restructuring at the Palms has left the family with a 2% ownership and George continuing as chairman of the board. But it leaves them in a position to do many things other places can’t do since they have no debt.

Phantom "The Las Vegas Spectacular" celebrated its fifth anniversary with another outstanding performance. Keeping this huge production running has meant offering some discounted seats, a reduced performance schedule, and certain union concessions.

All of this is well worth it, giving audiences the opportunity to see one of the greatest theatrical productions ever produced in Las Vegas, or any where else for that matter. Anthony Crivello, the Phantom, consistently gives outstanding performances, but has outdone himself during this anniversary show. Anthony and the cast have never been better plus the chandelier sequence still leaves audiences gasping.

Human Nature will be celebrating their 500th show at Imperial Palace June 30. PBS will be filming at the Paris Theater on July 6-7 for the group’s first PBS special with an appearance by Smokey Robinson.

Also coming up at Bally’s is the 30-year anniversary of Jubilee, the definitive showgirl extravaganza and still a must-see.

Matt Goss, the British singing sensation, will help celebrate Independence Day and Labor Day with special performances inside the Gossy Room at Caesars Palace on July 3 and Sept. 4. Tickets for all performances offer locals a special price through Sept 3. For more information contact Caesars at 1-800-745-3000 or

The fantastic Pointer Sisters will be performing their hits at The Orleans showroom July 16 and 17.

Last week in Las Vegas was a full throttle of events at Planet Hollywood, where we had Miss USA, and the beauties were out in force. And guess what? Miss California Alyssa Campanella, who clearly was the favorite, was chosen.

For the last few months we have been discussing the Monti Rock reality show titled "The Pointless Life of Rock III" but I call it "What’s the point?"

This week it has been rumored the show Menopause, at the Luxor, may be closing. Just a rumor folks.

Also last week at the Palms was the NHL Awards with lots of stars and testosterone.

The diva in residence, Celine Dion, is selling out at the Colisseum. The jury is still out and we are waiting on Shania Twain.

This columnist cannot help but address the Oprah Winfrey Network, which is in big, big trouble. Rumor has it that O.J. will be confessing on her show, which should be a big ratings grabber.

Remember, Oprah wasn’t at the Hilton Daytime Emmys because she was busy restructuring. Oprah, call me. I have the most interesting tale to tell you. I am the "Comeback Queen. " Or is it "Drama Queen?" Just give me a call or e-mail me. I’m in the book.

I’ll save the network for you!

The Rev. Monti wishes you a great week.