Tropicana in Las Vegas big Comedy Spot; Cherry reopening

Apr 17, 2012 3:00 AM

The newly refurbished Tropicana hotel/casino is aiming to become the top comedy spot in town.

Last week Jamie Masada opened the Laugh Factory. Mr. Masada now has four Laugh Factory locations. He mixes well-known comedy stars with lesser-known, but not necessarily less talented, comedians. He has many ideas on how to make this place stand out from the many other comedy spots in town.

As I reported last week, I’ll be seeing Dancing with the Stars at the Trop. This is the live touring show, featuring Lacey Schwimmer and Dmitry Chaplin of the television troupe along with some of the past contestants. The show is set to run for 12 weeks.

This week, we who are in the entertainment business, along with her family, are mourning the death of a great talent – Michaelina Bellamy.

Every time I met her she always had something nice and pleasant to say to me, but she was a drama queen. She was a great singer who once starred in the Folies Bergere and also appeared with Engelbert Humperdinck (didn’t we all?). I hope he remembers me!

Remember the incident with the Rev. George Chaanine at Our Lady of Las Vegas Catholic Church and Michaelina? This was scandalous but now we want to let her rest in peace. We hope the showbiz community will give her the proper send off. Michaelina, we’re gonna miss you!

The big news from TV’s DWTS is that Sherri Shepherd got booted off and she was sobbing. Stop it! She had her day in the spotlight. With her great personality and sense of humor, Sherri made sure there was never a dull moment both on and off stage. The View needs her back because the show is never quite the same when she’s away.

Gladys Knight is hanging in there. Her days with The Pips must be paying off. Is it something in the genes ‘cause she ain’t looking bad!! Melissa Gilbert, of Little House on the Prairie fame, fell and suffered a concussion. When I asked what happened, they told me she fell on her career or was it Max’s leg? Either of which are reasons to put a career on hold.

Also, the good-looking Jack Wagner just found his long, lost daughter who he had never seen until recently. Their meeting has had a happy ending, and they are very much a family along with his two sons. Mr. Rock is also looking for his two missing sons, Rick and Dick! If you’re out there guys, e-mail me because I have trouble with those phone calls – "I may be your Daddy!"

For those of you who want to know, Clint Holmes was completely sold out for three shows. Some of the famous people in attendance were Earl Turner, Frank Sinatra Jr. and too many others to print in this column. They couldn’t find a ticket for me, and I couldn’t even find one to purchase.

Shame on all of you. Enough said!!

What is all the brouhaha about Howard Stern and America Has No Talent? Haven’t we milked this cow enough? Sharon Osborne, Miss Know-It-All, talks like we care, but we don’t.

Furthermore, what is happening with Oprah? Did she make a mistake giving up her talk-show venue to help the weeping souls of America? She didn’t help me at all. She never called or invited me on the show to serve as a motivational speaker or anything.

Tony Robbins has nothing on me and I bet I have more in common with Oprah’s audience, or even the newly cancelled Rosie O’Donnell. I can even do hair and decorate. A modest triple threat.

Word is that Rosie and Donald Trump are teaming up for a new show. It is hard to figure out where these rumors start (or do I start them?) and whether those highly-publicized fights are nothing but fodder for the press to build a future audience.

I have to give it to Penn and Teller. Penn is doing a great job for Opportunity Village and he is equally fine on Celebrity Apprentice. If only he had God in his life. I love Mr. Arsenio Hall, but it is clear to me he needs to get a life. Another talk show would work, and now that Oprah has some openings she should reach out to him.

How many new reality shows are we doing in Vegas? We have Pawn Stars and the new Housewives of Las Vegas. I should be one of those tortured souls – follow me around with my maids, drivers and folks with dust busters. Why don’t we do a reality program about the foreclosure folks who could really use the money?

A big shout out to Criss Angel and his staff – the show is terrific and his staff at the Luxor greeted me with graciousness and kindness, and I am even on their Great Wall of Stars. Thank you, Criss.

For the best breakfast in town for a mere $3.95 check out Levy’s Delicatessen on W. Sahara. Scrumptious and a bargain at this price! You get a bagel, eggs, home fries, and if you mention my name and that you saw the reference in this column, you get a cup of coffee. (Condiments included!!)

We saw Carl William, a French Canadian singer, who has been doing a lot of cruises and is now in the Wolf Theater at the Clarion. He has a full sound and his treatment of some of the standards from the songbook and other locations is quite refreshing. He’s good.

Does Marie Osmond have a talk show? We know Donny is having throat problems and is currently resting. Marie, when you begin your show, I want to be your co-host. I can talk endlessly. And I mean endlessly.

The 10th Anniversary of X Burlesque at Flamingo is happening right now. The show has been revamped and reworked and in Vegas for years (not unlike dog years). It’s quite amazing the show has survived 10 years.

Las Vegas has "lost" the MDA Telethon, which returns to Los Angeles in September. The telethon without Jerry Lewis is not quite the same, no matter how much money is pledged. As we all know, Jerry is no longer connected with the organization. However, he is busy putting the finishing touches on his stage adaptation of The Nutty Professor, which he hopes to bring to Broadway.

Rod Stewart has confirmed his return to the Colosseum this fall. Tickets for September and October shows went on sale April 13. For more information visit or or call 900-745-3000. Rod has lived one of the most successful music careers of all time, and he has written a soon-to-be released autobiography. This show is high on the "must-see" list.

The Red Rock Resort will be reopening Cherry Nightclub as a summer weekend venue from May 25 through October. This will be an indoor/outdoor nightlife experience. Cherry is known for its mirrored entrance that leads out onto the main dance floor of the club. For more info contact the Red Rock Resort.

David de Alba – "The Cuban Legend" – returns to the Onyx Theater in June with his show Finocchio Backstage Memories – The Final Chapter. David is a true female impersonator who performs live, with his own fabulous voice without lip-synching. He is definitely one of the finest entertainers ever to appear at the legendary Finocchio’s in San Francisco. For more information call 702-333-6699.

In other news, yours truly has a new record album, Fiesta. Billboards around town about this "bigger than life" columnist/entertainer are next.

The Rev. Monti wishes you only the best.