La Cage show suddenly closed in Las Vegas

Jun 5, 2012 3:00 AM

This week is one of extraordinary news and surprises. Much brouhaha over the fact that Jimmy Emerson and the La Cage show suddenly closed.

I was involved in the beginning with Norbert Aleman, the producer, and at one point I hosted two events. Hey, it’s the economy, the brokers, the concierges, etc.

Jimmy did an admirable job keeping the show afloat and it was doing good business, but not enough to make a profit. Norbert must now concentrate on the 25th anniversary of Crazy Girls. It is hard to believe that the show has been open for 25 years at the Riviera. The Riviera seems to be focusing on gaming so my opinion is Emerson and La Cage will find another venue. We wish them luck.

“Murray: Celebrity Magician,” held a red carpet event for the media at Tropicana’s Laugh Factory. This comedic magician is a great fit for this club. Murray has a distinctive look as he cavorts on stage. He mixes close-up tricks with more sophisticated illusions and his humor shows through at all times.

Murray is a sight to behold on stage, wearing several different outfits along with his mane of bleached “stand-up” hair. This is definitely not an average magic show, as it really entertains on several levels. Murray should be a mainstay at the Tropicana for a long run.

On the other side of the spectrum, we have the whole mess surrounding Roy Horn and the allegations of sexual harassment. I am a fan of Roy’s and I will stand up in court and say these allegations are not true and neither are the ones against John Travolta. All of this is just too much for the brain.

We all know that Elton John is recuperating from a vocal problem, and Celine is coming back. Their fans can hardly wait. What is happening with Wayne Newton and the Shenandoah property? We definitely want to know.

Last week, we had Jennifer Lopez in town with “boy toy” Casper Smart, 24. She may be doing a reality show. (Isn’t this enough reality for her?) Marc Anthony was also here and they did the Latin show “Que Viva” at Mandalay Bay.

I want to thank Jim and Rose Perine for a small dinner party with 10 of our closest friends. A little love, a little yap, a little gambling and lots of good food. This was all I wanted. It was special and thanks.

On to TV news: A reality check finds that the show “Gigolo” is being shot at the estate of Roxanne Miller.

What is Howard Stern doing on “America’s Got (NO) Talent?” Get him off! Put Paula Abdul in there, Simon! And the “X Factor” with Britney Spears will never happen in the ratings. They will never come up. Take it from me. Oh, and I’m available.

Here’s a big thank you to John and Sharon Bentham, producers of Defending the Cave Man, which is coming up on six years, and the country show at the Golden Nugget and Marriage Can Be Murder. There are always new and successful shows coming from this talented couple.

After a successful recent tour, a PBS Special and an appearance on “Dancing with the Stars” on Motown night, Human Nature has returned to the Valley as the true gladiators they are. Their act is crisp and high energy, and their renditions of Motown favorites are spot on!!

These guys can sing and they bring a love for the music of Motown that is so obvious and a true homage to the artists, writers and founders of that company. Who would have thought four guys from Australia would so beautifully capture the soul of Motown? Smokey Robinson, our hat is off to you for your genius in bringing these guys to us. Their show at Imperial Palace is definitely worth the price of admission.

Recently at Buffalo Bill’s Resort and Casino down in Primm, we saw the Temptations, featuring Dennis Edwards. This gentleman brought great style, cool choreography and flawless harmonies that were so reminiscent of the music that brought us through the late ‘60s and ‘70s.

The iconic performers of Motown provided the syncopation of a whole generation around the world because the music was international in its scope and influence. The Temptations produced songs that were sung from Detroit to Miami, Chicago to San Diego, London to Tokyo. It must be nice to know your records were spun all over the world and heard on radios everywhere. Now you’re being discovered by a new generation. Nice work guys!!

The Best Little Whore House in Texas is playing at the Plaza. This is a sparkling production with recognizable music, strong voices and convincing performances. This musical also scares up images of Dolly Parton. This production is fun and should not be missed.

The Plaza is really doing its share of projects, helping to redefine downtown Las Vegas. The latest is the opening of “Pop Up Pizza,” which brings us pizza by the slice as well as whole pies at a price the locals can afford. There are other pizza parlors opening in the area, such as Radio City Pizza and Pizza Rock.

The more the merrier, as they say.

It’s just another way to draw people to Fremont Street instead of just remaining on The Strip. We are all waiting for the opening of the Downtown Grand at the site of the dormant Lady Luck and the new D, formerly Fitzgerald’s.

Downtown now offers more than 47,500 parking spaces, some of which are or will be credit card friendly. A social media blitz called “Rediscover Downtown” will run throughout the summer highlighting downtown businesses.

At the heart of this resurgence is the Smith Center for the Performing Arts. Smith Center Jazz Happenings for June feature a newly added Clint Holmes matinee performance last Sunday. Clint performed his tribute to the late, great Bobby Short, a show he recently did in New York City.

In addition, Emily Bergl, who was featured on Desperate Housewives and brings us “Kidding on the Square” is evidently the darling of NYC at the moment. Lucy Woodward, another performer you may never have heard of, is appearing this summer. She had a song out in 2003 called “Dumb Girls” but is now digging deeper into her musical background to bring you a stirring performance at Smith Center.

The Rev. Monti is back and as always wishes you all only the best.