Blue Man Group's Steve Aoki performs at Electric Daisy Carnival

Jun 12, 2012 3:00 AM

The Electric Daisy Carnival, a three-day event, sold out. This is one of the great events that brings young people from all over the world to Vegas.

Blue Man Group and some former Cirque du Soleil performers highlighted the weekend performances. This event gets bigger and bigger – this time bringing thousands to the Las Vegas area. The big, big deal is that Celine Dion arrived on Saturday and tweaked the show. She is the biggest moneymaker on the Strip.

We welcome Celine back with great esteem and sublime “divaness” to once again bring that heavenly voice and queen-like demeanor to our midst. She must take care of that voice (I know as I still have some laryngitis).

I couldn’t really sing before my bout with pneumonia (ha, ha).

It has just been announced that Rock of Ages will be opening at the Venetian in December 2012. I thought it would be landing at the Mandalay Bay. Base Entertainment has a great track record in Las Vegas, and with the new Tom Cruise movie opening June 15, both productions are true to the other and it should be a big deal here in Vegas.

Julianne Hough (Ryan Seacrest’s fiancée) along with Alec Baldwin star in the movie version. Her lap dance with Tom Cruise is so sexy it was reportedly cut from the release. Julianne is best known as a professional performer on “Dancing With the Stars” and is the sister of dancer Derek Hough. The multitalented young lady has the makings of a future super star.

Last week, there was this brouhaha surrounding the Miss USA pageant. One of the judges was Andy Cohen and he is also the producer of the “Housewives” TV franchise. He should do a gay housewives show – I am one by the way. It would make for good viewing.

Back to the Miss USA beauty pageant. Sheena Monnin, Miss Pennsylvania, renounced her crown and claims the pageant was rigged and the top five contestants were chosen before the show was broadcast live on TV. Donald Trump came out screaming but who was listening? And now he’s threatened to sue her for defamation. Why didn’t she leave sooner? Maybe she’s just a bad loser.

I am a fan of Andy Cohen and certainly don’t believe anything was fixed, but all this keeps you tuned in. When we talked to Andy, he said “there’s no way Las Vegas Housewives will happen.

Andy says the ladies of Vegas are just too nice to have the kind of cat fights viewers love. There’s another show called “Elite” being shopped around and we’ll see what happens with that one.

Frankie Valli’s Jersey Boys will become a movie. I love Frankie. Will I be in this movie since I was part of the Bob Crewe saga?

We also have good news that Joey Lawrence will be the interim host of Chippendale’s at the Rio through June 24. He’ll MC, sing, dance and leave his mark on this longstanding brand. A good-looking addition to a show that is based on good looks and six packs.

They’re dropping like flies. Richard Dawson, the iconic host of “Family Feud” who made a kiss on the lips chic, has died. We also remember him from the iconic “Hogan’s Heroes” TV series and as a resident panel member of TV’s “Match Game.” Dawson brought a new dimension to game shows with his special charm.

Ray Bradbury, the science-fiction phenom, died last week at age 91. His passing leaves a tremendous void in the genre. He wrote more than 500 books, articles and short stories.

Herbert Reed, the last of the founding members of The Platters, also died last week. From washing cars to platinum records is a story few can tell. He was managed by Rudy Guarino for many years. Rudy, who lives in Las Vegas, took it very hard. My sympathies go out to him and to Reed’s family.

Murray, the Celebrity Magician, opened at the Tropicana last week. He’s funny and his brand of magic is interesting. Lefty is the quintessential assistant and Murray has charisma. He was great in his interactions with the audience and this was not your average performance of a guy making things disappear and reappear. It all happens in a very funny context and the time flew by. His run at the Tropicana, which is newly renovated and looking South Beachy smart, should be a good one.

Would everyone leave Miley Cyrus alone? So what if she’s getting married at 19? Lindsay Lohan is taking on the role of the incomparable legend Liz Taylor. Are they serious? Nobody can do justice to La Liz, and this spoiled child couldn’t shine the shoes of such a great star. What are they thinking? But who is out there who could be a believable Elizabeth?

As for the spectacle of reality TV, we have “Duets,” “America’s Got (no) Talent” host Jenny McCarthy dating. What’s up with Paula Deen? Please!! She’s trying to spread a different cooking method, but she and her close friendship with butter (thanks also to Julia Child) are legendary. Her oldest son, Jamie, is starting a new cooking show in a couple of weeks. Talk about hanging onto coat-tails – but not really. This boy can cook. We’ll see.

For all her fans, Chaka Kahn is appearing at Primm on June 23. Talk about losing weight. She looks as though her body has been sculptured. She looks incredible. This girl can sing anything and is still one of the best performers in the business. What’s your secret, babe?

Fantasy, the incredible adult revue at the Luxor, never ceases to entertain, thanks to the talent and imagination of producer/choreographer Anita Mann. Two of her own showgirls have choreographed a new ensemble dance number performed to headliner Lorena Peril’s latest single. Fantasy is celebrating more than 12 successful years on the Strip. The show was a 2012 “Best of Vegas” in the poll for Best Showgirls.

Just in is that The Luxor is introducing new dinner and show packages for Tender Steak and Seafood, Carrot Top and Criss Angel Believe. Packages begin at $99 and include a special menu and show ticket for either Carrot or Criss. Great food and great shows – this can’t be beat.

To all my readers of GamingToday, I am still on the mend. Thank you for all your well wishes, cards, calls, flowers…everything.

The Rev. Monti wishes you all only the best!