The D Las Vegas is changing the face of downtown

Jun 19, 2012 3:00 AM

Floyd Mayweather, give me a break! You did the crime, got to do the time!

“Money” asked for the judge to grant him house arrest because he finds the food and living conditions deplorable. Who does he think he is, Lindsay Lohan?

Talking about Lindsay, she was involved in a car crash. Lindsay, who is playing Liz Taylor in an upcoming movie on her life, tried to pay off and misrepresent herself to the officers. What’s the matter with these folks?

When having a silver spoon shoved up your whole body you need to look around and be thankful for the blessings you have. Floyd, man up, it’s only 87 days. Take this time to write “Your Letter from the Las Vegas Jail.” There are parallels in literature that can inspire you.

Also, how much controversy do we need over the Pacquiao/Bradley fight? Bradley, who talks a good game, should humble up and shut up. Manny had a good run and controversy does not suit him when he’s trying to embark on these new personal adventures.

On a brighter note: The Electric Carnival Daisy Circus brought 300,000 people to the Valley last weekend.

What is happening to all of the local female anchors? Dayna Roselli suddenly left Channel 8. The station reportedly claims ratings were not high enough and hopefully new anchors Cale Rameker and Shauna Khorrami will take the show in a new direction.

Long time anchor Nina Radetich is leaving Channel 13 to spend more time with her family. We thought only politicians left important jobs to spend more time with their families. What a switch.

In other news the film “Rock of Ages” has arrived in Vegas theaters. Word is Tom Cruise can sing, dance, is ready for musicals, looks amazing and figures to be back on top off this performance. Accord to the critics, Tom and Alec Baldwin steal this movie along with the talented beauty Catherine Zeta-Jones.

Adam Steck, the respected producer of, among others, Australian Bee Gees, Divas, and Thunder From Down Under, has hit it big again with the Mike Tyson show. We predicted the show, seen here at the MGM, could be headed for Broadway. Guess what? It opened there June 14.

Steve Wyrick, like the Eveready Battery, never stops. He is now working on a big magical production. We’ll keep you posted. Steve is a very talented magician/illusionist. Speaking of magic, what is the latest on Tommy Wind? This young talent has shown he’s ready for stardom.

The Chippendales have yet another hit with Joey Lawrence as host for the next few weeks. Little Joey from the hit TV series “Gimme a Break,” “Blossum” and others is now showing his gorgeous abs to the ladies (and some gents) as a co-host of The Chipendales show. A good match!

Jerry Lewis was scheduled to receive the Friars Club Lifetime Achievemant Award and make a presentation to Cruise. Didn’t happen. Lewis was sidelined by a dizzy spell resulting from diabetes and was rushed to the hospital. Jerry was in New York for the awards and rehearsals for his upcoming “Nutty Professor” stage musical. We all hope Jerry will keep us laughing for many more years.

Now the NYC “night-clubbing” scene where Chris Brown and Drake reportedly got into it bigtime supposedly over Rihanna. So what else is new? This is not “what Brown can do for you,” is it? Especiallywith his history of violence. These hip-hoppers!

This year’s Tony producer and host Neal Patrick Harris was, and  is, forever wonderful. Harris should be doing the Oscars. Let’s start a write-in campaign for him. He helped keep the three hour TV show moving at a crisp and fully entertaining pace.

My good friend Freddy Gershon received a special Tony Award, well deserved for what he does for the schools. We were also pleased Audra MacDonald finally won for best performance as a leading lady in “Porgy and Bess.” She has four other Tonys, but this one is very special.

One of my old friends, George Hamilton, is coming to the Smith Center in La Cage Aux Folles in what should be a fun evening. The Smith Center also has a night with musical giant Stephen Sondheim, while Aretha Franklin is slated for a one-night appearance at The Colosseum.

What’s up with The Riviera? Jonathan Clark went back to Canada, La Cage closed and Confessions of a Rock Star will begin next week. That leaves only Crazy Girls (with a 25 year anniversary coming up) and Jan Rouven as the resident performers. Andrew Dice Clay is there and he has a following, but the Riv needs renovations and an influx of new talent.

That said, their current focus seems to be on gaming.

The D Las Vegas is changing the face of downtown with the removal of the big neon rainbow. Soon to go will be the Fitzgerald logo. The D is set to hire 100 Dancing Dealers. Open auditions will be Friday, June 29, down on Fremont Street.

Unless you have body proportions approximating a model, I will bet your chances of being chosen will not be good. We’ll see. The D hopes to develop the largest party pit in Vegas. I am an internationally known DJ and could bring an air of respectability to this effort. Call me!!

For all my GT readers, thanks for the emails and get well wishes. I am back 100% and ready to gossip. Thank you Mimi Hines and the very Rev. Bill Manson for giving me a small victory welcome back at M&M Soul Food Restaurant on Charleston. Mimi and I are both ready for our close ups.

The Rev. Monti wishes you all a great week, etc.