Beach Boys’ music highlighted in upcoming ‘Surf’ musical

Jul 10, 2012 3:00 AM

I went to see my old friend David Cassidy at the South Point. We go back a long, long time.

My recording company Chelsea was also David’s. The late Wes Farrell produced all of his hits and I was in the stable of Bob Crewe. David is a great producer having done the original Rat Pack at the Desert Inn and then on to the Sahara with Bobby Caldwell.

What we have to remember is the “teen idol” thing is very tricky because I am a Queen idol. A gay idol – that is a little tricky also. Cassidy did a tribute to Davy Jones of the Monkees and though it was entertaining I would have like to see more of David doing David.

This engagement was originally scheduled as Davy Jones show, but as we all know Davy recently passed away. Cassidy, a close friend of Davy’s, was contracted to do a tribute show, so Monkees music took preference, Cassidy fans did not appreciate this and unfortunately got a bit out of hand, something which should have never happened.

Add to this, the fact that David combined some cold medication and cortisone, which rendered him “out of it.” His publicist said Cassidy has posted an apology on his website and reportedly will be offering to perform a free show at the South Point to benefit a charity of their choice.

The buzz is out, the buzz is out. The music of The Beach Boys is coming.

In my years in Vegas I have seen more original musicals go south. Cases in point – Hairspray, The Producers, Spamalot, the show that I liked, We Will Rock You, and how could we forget The Hunchback of Notre Dame?

In September one of the greatest productions, the Hal Prince spectacle Phantom, The Vegas Spectacular closes. This great production has been running in or close to the red lately. My favorite Strip show, which happens to be the Cirque’s Viva Elvis, is being replaced by another Cirque show.

I had the pleasure of opening for The Beach Boys some 20-plus years ago and now, let’s talk about Surf, The Musical. For me the best part of the casting is Adrian Zmed (Grease, Grease II and Grease III). He was also featured in T.J. Hooker and had a decent career in Hollywood. This is his chance to show he’s on the comeback trail.

I will let my readers know when I review the show next week. The jury therefore is still out. Also at Planet Hollywood, David Saxe is revamping Vegas! The Show and it is deservedly going on its second anniversary. It is a really good show.

How many Michael Jackson tributes do we need? The Jackson Brothers are making a comeback next week as Jackie, Tito, Jermaine and Randy do their best to remember the glory days with their precocious young brother Michael.

Last week I wrote about how many reality shows are coming to Vegas. The big hit is The Pawn Stars and how reality TV has made superstars out of these Pawn Kings. Really? And now we keep hearing about a new show called Elites – the Vegas rich housewives. Ah, really!! Where’s the imagination here?

Have you seen some of these things? The Swamp People, chasing and killing alligators, routing out feral hogs in Florida, Dance Moms to little cuties, cooks turned talk show hosts, Storage Wars, Bartering Kings, and the list goes on and on and on. Any really good ideas out there?

The American Idol winner Taylor Hicks (another boy with a guitar) will be performing for eight weeks at Bally’s in the Indigo Room (with the curtains drawn) – a somewhat bizarre location but I wish him well.

Kudos to the wonderful Criss Angel and his staff who have many surprises up their sleeves. It is safe to say t he is the Mick Jagger of magic, a gentleman and a gentle human being. I am a true fan.

Over at the Las Vegas Hotel (formerly the Hilton) Rich Little is performing his James Stewart tribute show. It is reportedly being held over at the Schimmer Cabaret. For those of us who remember, Little is a master of impressions. We were drawn into the act and it was good to see some of those old impressions resurrected. This took us back to the days of Ed Sullivan and it is a good memory.

The Olympics are coming! The Olympics are coming! Hopefully there will be no problems (terrorists), and London is on high alert. Michael Phelps will bear watching because he has won the preliminaries and is ready for the big time. This will probably be his last Olympics – there’s no more swimming gold he can capture.

In other news, what is happening with the X Factor and Britney Spears? And, what’s with American (“Idiots”) Idol? The big hit is The Voice with Adam Levine, who happens to have a hit record with Move Like Jagger and he’s gorgeous. Isn’t that enough? Cee Lo Green is coming and I can hardly wait to see what’s in store for us during his residency. He’s the new phenom. Lo is articulate as a judge and coach.

The death of Andy Griffith was a blow and he leaves a legacy of memorable characters. Griffith was the centerpiece surrounded by the likes of Barney Fife, Goober, Opie, and Otis, the drunk with an open door policy to the jail. Mayberry was more than an idea for Griffith, it was home.

It is fun to watch reruns of Matlock and see him progress into old age. Remember Clarence Gilyard, Jr. who played Conrad? He is currently on the faculty of UNLV. Sheriff Andy Taylor will go down in history as the single father of the century in a show that was filled with a gentility and love that will be hard to replace.

On the Fourth of July I went to DuBarry’s Fashions at 3375 S. Decatur Blvd., presented by Derrick and Rita Davis. Derrick was the lead singer for The Platters and gave a benefit for charities. Lines were around the block because of the 50% off. A portion of the proceeds went to benefit Child Focus and Susan G. Komen for the Cure.

Vegas is a giving town and all you have to do is stand on a corner to watch all the greats pass by. This is why our friends and relatives are so jealous. We’ve got it going on, baby! By the way, I was glued to the TV set to watch two holiday spectaculars with fireworks.

Select resorts of Caesars Entertaiment in Las Vegas are honoring veterans by joining forces with Miller High Life in a special summer promotion. With every cap or tab kept from a Miller High Life or Miller High Life Light purchased at locations in the Flamingo Las Vegas, Harrah’s Las Vegas, Imperial Palace or Wild Bill’s, 10 cents will be donated to provide veterans with a variety of experiences.

The Rev. Monti once again wishes everyone a great week.