Rev. Monti officiates nuptials of Murray Sawchuk and fiancée

Jul 31, 2012 3:00 AM

July 20 will be forever remembered in wedding history. It was then that the Very Reverend Monti Rock III officiated at the nuptials of Murray Sawchuk the Celebrity Magician and finalist on America’s Got Talent and his fiancée Chloe Crawford.

How about those cute dogs. I married them, too!

This affair was kind of a secret in the world of show business. Why, I haven’t a clue. It was such a well-oiled ceremony and accompanying reception. Food was catered by P.F. Chang’s and the best man was Doug Leferovich.

At our table was my partner and always best man, Bruce, and Tom Recine the director of food and beverage at the Tropicana. We were able to talk about future plans for the Trop, which include a new club, and Tom’s ideas for the property in the near future.

In other news, Jennifer Lopez celebrated her 43rd birthday and her boy toy was caught leaving a peep show on 42nd Street in NYC. (Pee Wee can tell you about those places!) My sources tell me there was a brouhaha over the casting and choreography of her boy toy and the tour with Enrique Iglesias. Imagine that!

Speaking of “America’s Got ‘No’ Talent,” we hear Sharon Osborne is leaving the show and Howard Stern is not faring any better. How about American “Idiot” paying Mariah Carey over $15 million while Randy Jackson, who brought her in, is still confused about his role. Maybe it is time for him to go “idle” too.

Let’s talk about the Jackson family. I know you want to. Anyway, the three beautiful children have been in the care of their grandmother, Katherine, but now T.J. (Tito Jackson Jr.) has been appointed their guardian. Katherine is allegedly ill and cannot give them the attention they need.

It is all about the money!

MJ didn’t want his brothers around, cutting them out of the will. Hello! Without Michael and his money there’s no act. Five of his brothers and sisters are claiming the will is a fake. The estate is reportedly worth $1 billion, making MJ the richest dead celebrity in the world. Where is Joe Jackson, the absentee father, in this nightmare?

Hey, I should be in the will!

How about Mitt Romney’s uncalled for remarks about England’s preparation for the Olympics! He did put his foot in it. I guess he doesn’t know the importance of a good relationship with foreign governments and the possible future President of the United States. Hey, Mitt, can you catch? Too many errors, man. Work on your fielding.

Do you remember that we were all a part of Krave at the Harmon Theater? I was to be a part of that venture, now moving into a new space downtown at The Neonopolis complex. This is to be the biggest gay bar, showroom, theater and place to hang out.

When Krave first began to be a club, yours truly was wined and dined to be the host and VIP greeter. I turned WalMart down! Anyway, I called Larry Edwards, who plays Tina Turner in The Divas Show, to take my place. He did and it was a hit for the first year or so. This will be a great fit for downtown.

Sadly, the one and only Sherman Hemsley passed at 74. He played George Jefferson in “The Jeffersons,” the “All In the Family” spin-off megahit. I had seen him in the early ‘70s on Broadway in “Purlie” with the great Melba Moore. Another good Hollywood friend, Chad Everett, the blue-eyed star of TV’s “Medical Center” and other memorable roles, left us last week at 75 after a valiant battle with lung cancer.

I saw the diva herself, Celine Dion, in the 4,500 seat Colosseum at Caesars. She and her orchestra were brilliant. Celine is the complete package and deserves the distinction as the reigning queen of the Vegas divas. The bar has been set exceedingly high and will be a tremendous act to follow.

Some may think of her as opportunistic, but she amplifies every performer she has chosen to appear with. Her show makes you think of Vegas in days of old when real stars ruled the roost. A humble bow to this outstanding talent – I could see us doing a duet together. Oh, momma, call me. 

Anyone, call me. I’ll even throw in a wedding!

Our hearts and prayers go out to the family and friends of those folks in Aurora, Colorado, who suffered unthinkable tragedy in the movie theater. What monstrous evil causes a person to shoot and kill people for no reason? This is a real madness that needs to be explored. 

We were also heartbroken to learn of the death of Sally Ride, the first U.S. woman in space. She made it popular for girls to think about being scientists and especially astronauts. What an inspiration and only 61. 

I’m not a big sports fan but I was saddened by what has happened at Penn State. For people who are training young minds to take positions of leadership in tomorrow’s world, there seems to be a rush to judgment all over the place.

The Clark County Museum is presenting a look back with the exhibit “Lost Vegas: Bulldozed & Imploded Casinos of the Las Vegas Valley” that salutes our city’s gone but not forgotten properties through a collection of postcards, photographs and artifacts. A small admission fee is charged for this fascinating look at Vegas before, during and after the dust cleared.

Andrew Dice Clay was on Celebrity Apprentice not too long ago and seems to making a big comeback. He’s been appearing at the Riviera, is preparing a tour, and has landed an important role in a new Woody Allen film. 

The Diceman’s brand of comedy was scorned when he first appeared on the scene. Now, vulgarity, profanity and obscenity, are commonplace and accepted in most circles. 

I personally feel that if you are funny, you don’t have to resort to that level. Joan Rivers, however, is one of the few who can successfully say anything, anywhere, anytime and remain hilarious.

Katie Holmes is wasting no time continuing with her career. She’s already signed for Broadway in a new play by Theresa Rebeck, the creator of TV’s Smash. Katie is also in the process of bringing in a new clothing line. She obviously has been planning ahead for some time. We wish her luck.

Caesars’ Project Linq is going ahead full swing. The $500 million venture will be a restaurant, entertainment complex featuring a 550-foot “observation” wheel. More than 3,000 construction workers will be on the scene with 1,500 new jobs being created. This will link the Imperial Palace, scheduled for a new facade among other things, to the Flamingo.

The face of the Strip as well as Downtown, is getting a makeover. Much better downtown Vegas than uptown Rock III. 

Brothers and sisters, Rev. Monti wishes you all a fabulous week.