Shania Twain arrived riding horse down Las Vegas Blvd.

Nov 27, 2012 3:00 AM

At last week’s 40th American Music Awards in Los Angeles it seems the love affair over Taylor Swift has shifted to Justin Bieber. He claims he’ll be “here” for a very long time. Are you kidding me?

M.C. Hammer was the hit of the whole evening and needs to be on a stage here in Vegas. He went through all those millions (and so did I) trying to help all those folks who just hang on. Mine went for room service!

The new fabric of Las Vegas is seeing shows come and go. One new production is Rock of Ages at the Venetian. Did we see Tom Cruise’s movie, miss it or just weren’t interested?

Downtown at the Plaza we have Tim Molyneaux’s Bite, which moved from Stratosphere. Three other shows at that theater are Best Little Whorehouse in Texas, Grand Ole Vegas and The Phat Pack. At the Golden Nugget, the jewel in the crown is still Gordie Brown. Gordie and the Country Legends show are both doing big business.

Shania Twain arrived riding a horse down Las Vegas Blvd. Her show opens Dec. 1. It should be sexy and magical since she’s surely one of the most beautiful women in country music. Speaking of country, Garth Brooks, the King of Country, closed at The Wynn to a big star-studded sendoff. Rumor has it that maybe there’s something spectacular about to happen at the Wynn Theater.

Zarkana was a great experience at the Aria. Beautifully staged, technically perfect and I recommend it because it went very fast and is appropriate for all ages. For me it was an enlightening experience – and Lord knows I need some enlightenment.

The brouhaha of this past week, for all the myriad readers of my blog, my columns in the various magazines, etc., is that I do take myself quite seriously. I want all my readers to know what’s going on in the Valley.

The Boulevard Theater is on Las Vegas Blvd. right next to Walgreens and opposite the Monte Carlo. It was once a nightclub and now it’s a theater/nightclub and a happening place. Magician Tommy Wind will be opening in December. Barbara and Frank “The Concert that Never Was” is there now.

The Twilight Saga with Kristen Stewart and that hunk Robert Pattinson, a good-looking vampire – just like me – took off at the box office and beat out everybody. It has one of the Top 10 weekend opening grosses in Hollywood history.

John Fredericks, former meteorologist at KSNV-TV3, died Nov. 23. He was 57. Fredericks had been diagnosed with cirrhosis earlier this year and entered Nathan Adelson Hospice just a short time before his death.

I am trying to come up with my Top 10 list, but I do have Celine Dion as my No. 1. She fills up that huge room every performance. The Paris has a winner with Jersey Boys, and, of course, we cannot miss the genius of Jubilee, which holds up with all the feathers, rhinestones, headdresses, sets and colors still intact. Simply dazzling. I am a fan of glitter and titter.

Fantasy, the Anita Mann production at the Luxor, is the ultimate adult revue and has a great ticket offering for Nevada residents through the month of December. It’s definitely in my Top 10 and at a special price, too. Check or call 702-262-4400 for more information.

Donnie and Marie at the Flamingo were voted Best of Las Vegas for the show, performers and singers. It’s still, deservedly, a tremendous hit. They are the ultimate multi-talented people in show business.

Another great show is Vegas! The Show, playing in the David Saxe Theater at Planet Hollywood. Other shows you must put on your list are Hitzville and Human Nature.

These are two outstanding Motown tribute shows, which do that iconic music great justice. Both are truly amazing. Human Nature is leaving Imperial Palace, which is changing its name, and we’ll have to watch for its reopening, possibly at a new theater. Other favorites include Absinthe at Caesars Palace and the John Bentham production  Defending the Caveman, starring Kevin Burke.

This city has some of the greatest musicians I’ve ever encountered and each show seems to get better. There are some great lounge bands as well. I’m dizzy with all the offerings. It is like going into Baskin Robbins and sampling all of their fare. I’m just amazed.

The annual “Merry Christmas Las Vegas” show will be held at The LVH on Dec. 8 at 4 p.m. Tony Sacca along with a group of Las Vegas entertainers will be performing in the holiday spirit to help support the Youth Foundation for the Performing Arts. Sacca and this group have been invited to the White House four times. Tickets are $25 and can be purchased by calling 702-364-8669. 

I dealt with some intense health issues this year while trying to make sense of what the media and gossip means to the people of the Valley. Being King of All Media (don’t get mad, Howard Stern) is a heavy responsibility.

Enjoy all the incredible productions and I hope you had a great Thanksgiving Holiday.

Monti Rock, who starred with John Travolta is the classic Saturday Night Fever, is a legend, performer, GamingToday entertainment columnist and marketing expert. Contact Monti at [email protected].

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