Honey Salt cuisine packs house in Summerlin

Dec 4, 2012 3:00 AM

I ventured out to Summerlin to try a new restaurant I was hearing a lot of good things about. Honey Salt (1031 S. Rampart Blvd.) was a little bit of a drive for me living in Henderson but I was glad to make the trip.

Owners Kim Canteenwalla and his wife Elizabeth Blau have been major players in the restaurant scene. They opened Honey Salt a little over a month ago and the place has been packed ever since. I highly recommend making reservations as they book up quickly. Canteenwalla is the head chef as well and held the same position at Society Café in Encore.

I was impressed with the simple, but rustic décor that gave Honey Salt that neighborhood feel. The owners live in the area and wanted a place where friends and family could come and hang out while enjoying a good meal. I think they hit a home run.

I decided to skip the appetizer to make room for dessert. Their apple pie in a bag that has received a lot of positive comments. I ordered the Grass Fed Filet Mignon served on top of what they called Potato Bacon Hash. I simply called it heaven. This may have been the best potato side I have ever had.

When I return, my order will be this potato no matter what entrée I am pairing it with. Yes, it was that good. The filet was excellent and prepared just the way I ordered. The filet is accompanied by Honey Salt’s house steak sauce, which was quite good. I ordered a side dish, the Kale & Anaheim Pepper Mac N’ Cheese as my waiter suggested. The waiter was dead on. The side was very good with just a little kick to it.

Eating kale and macaroni and cheese made me feel less guilty for having two starches. Next time, I’ll try the slow cooked sweet peppers as a side dish.

Before leaving I had to try this Brown Bag Apple Pie, which comes piping hot on a plate inside a brown paper bag. The only way to make hot apple pie any better is to add ice cream, and they served it with a scoop of vanilla bean. I saw an order of Warm Bread Pudding, which I intend to try on my return.

Now I know what the buzz has been about. I give Honey Salt 3.75 Forks!

Marco D’Angelo is the senior handicapper at Pregame.com. He co-hosts FIRST PREVIEW every Thursday night at 11 pm on ESPN 1100 AM/98.9 FM. Follow him on twitter: @MarcoInVegas. Contact him at [email protected].

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