Golden Globes shed light on who may win Oscars

Jan 15, 2013 3:00 AM

Well, well, well. Too much botox? “Sin City Rules,” which depicted the Las Vegas housewives as bickering butterheads, incomprehensible in its very nature, depicting our city with shallow, uninteresting women, has been dropped by TLC.

It will be on the Internet only in two or three weeks. In the mix we have entertainment reporter Alicia Jacobs, who is known for following Vince Neil in his who hit who case. That was a better drama situation than we have with “Sin City Rules.”

I have suggested Gay Housewives of Las Vegas starring yours truly, Frank Marino plus partner, two real estate queens who own half the property in Vegas and two lawyers who come out of the closet on the show. That would make better fare than this trumped up drivel.

The Venetian held the media opening of Rock of Ages. My spies tell me the opening was very strange with the usual bottom feeders present and the show was a bit long with an intermission. I hear it is very loud. Do we all remember the movie with Tom Cruise, Alex Baldwin and Julianne Hough that came and went? The best thing was seeing Tom Cruise’s tutu, which wasn’t bad for a 50-year-old straight man.

I’ve been holding my breath and reporting on the happenings at The Peep Show at Planet Hollywood with Ice T’s wife CoCo. The reviews have been mixed. She doesn’t sing, but kinda dances. The issue is how do you sell tickets to this show? The jury is still out!!

One of my favorite producers and friends, Adam Steck, is producing a new show featuring Boys II Men, which is scheduled to open in March at the Terry Fator Theater in the Mirage Hotel and Casino. They are set to do 78 shows on select weekends,

Rumor has it a lot of top Harrah’s executives are getting the boot! Is it just time for a change or are profits low so they need to sweep clean with a stiff broom? This will put a lot of high-priced talent on the streets.

The 2012 International CES electronic gadgets show at the Las Vegas Convention Center had all the brand new iPods, iPads, cellphones and “driverless” cars, plus Snookie had a new perfume line. One of the featured items was Ultra HD television. There were over 150,000 conventioneers in town.

What’s happening with Honey Boo Boo? It’s the biggest reality TV show and I am amazed. Oprah interviewing David Letterman on Oprah’s Next Chapter was extraordinary. No topic was off limits. Honesty and openness were amazing. We’re still waiting for her network to take off.

We traveled to Planet Hollywood to see the new David Saxe production Stripped with a midnight show time. There was a small, but appreciative crowd, as we watched the cop, the male stripper, his confused girlfriend who behaves badly at her bachelorette party, Chippendale wannabes who assist the show’s producer, and a yet to be fully flushed-out story line unfold.

It almost had the feeling of a high school group trying to act like adults putting on a school play. Did it appear at midnight because this was the only time the room was available? There’s a missing element of sensuality, but again, this is truly a work in progress. David is also working on a project about his immediate family, all in the entertainment business. This could become a successful reality show as David does have “the Midas touch.”

Since the holidays this reporter and his entourage have been busy. We started with Jerry Seinfeld. This guy is hysterical, a great storyteller and paints some of the greatest pictures of any comedian around. When asked if he was ready to do another TV show, he told us he was enjoying being able to be with the kids and family. Besides, he’s old, rich and tired. With those three things going for him he doesn’t have do any more sitcoms.

The O’Jays performed down at Buffalo Bill’s in Primm. These guys still have it all – the music and the moves. Next we saw Marlon and Shawn Wayans at The Orleans and they were a laugh riot. Their humor was a bit over the top for me, but you can’t deny this younger group of Wayans is funny. They will be coming out with their newest haunted movie on Jan. 11.

The Riviera just had M.C. Hammer with Tone Loc. I’m not into rap and hip hop so I had trouble understanding Loc, but Hammer was amazing. He looked great and he led an amazing troupe of dancers. The roses for the ladies is a fabulous touch and adds elegance. You go, boy!!

I don’t do many movie reviews but “Les Miserables” was outstanding. I love the music. There are stunning visual elements and filming strategies that will have the industry buzzing for a long time. A musical with no lip synching!

Russell Crowe as a singing Javert was a little hard to take but all-in-all it was nice to have a visual context for the movie after seeing concerts all these years. This music will be with us forever and now the movie is a fantastic companion piece.

We went back to the Orleans to see a very funny woman, Kathleen Dunbar. She was brilliant with touches of Phyllis Diller and Roseanne. I loved her and hope Big Al or somebody brings her back. Her comedy and interaction with the audience were terrific. Watch for her.

The Orleans has lost Bill Maher to the Palms, where he will get to do four shows per year in a larger venue. His HBO show continues and he is producing one for them called Vice. A very busy man. HBO has some interesting original movies in the works, including the Liberace film, starring Michael Douglas, and the Phil Spector film starring Al Pacino.

The National Center For Missing and Exploited Children (NMEC) held its 14th Annual Celebrity Gold Tournament and Reception last week. This Canon sponsored event aids in bringing missing children home and the company has donated vast amounts of money to the program. Some of the “celebs” present at the reception at the Bellagio included Alice Cooper, Jeffrey Donovan (star of TV hit, Burn), and Las Vegas producer Adam Steck. Delicious food was prepared by Ferraro’s, the popular Las Vegas Italian restaurant.

The People’s Choice Awards, a very noisy event, again proved to be very boring. However, it does give some insight as to who may win The Golden Globes and Oscars. Many of the celebrities at this event looked as if they didn’t bother to dress for the occasion or even wash their faces. I will say that Taylor Swift looked amazing (like a younger Nicole Kidman). The public deserves to see a more well-groomed and enthusiastic group with few exceptions.

Monti Rock, who starred with John Travolta is the classic Saturday Night Fever, is a legend, performer, GamingToday entertainment columnist and marketing expert. Contact Monti at [email protected].

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