Britney Spears to call Planet Hollywood home?

Jan 29, 2013 3:00 AM

Could Britney Spears really fill the huge Planet Hollywood Theater for more than one or two performances? The price thrown around is rumored to be $200 million (rumor, rumor). Britney allegedly wants $450,000 a night.

The deal is supposed to be with Planet Hollywood. Are these rumors true? And where does hypnotist Marshall Sylver fit in here? Britney was released by the “X Factor” because execs allegedly found her boring. Heck, I could have told them that!

The “X Factor” should be over as well. Some people are afraid Britney is on another emotional rollercoaster. Let’s hope that is not the case. She looks so much better with hair.

The Cirque franchise has laid off 400 to 500 employees, which brings up a previous question, “How many shows does it take to change a light bulb?” As you can see, I wasn’t far off.

I stand by my word, just count the shows. Are Zarkana and Zumanity doing business or walking on the wild side? You have KA, Mystere, O, Love, Love, Love, Love. It repeats itself.

I am about to do a show called Jerk, They’re so Gay (kind rhymes with Cirque du Soleil). Everybody wants it sooooo badly. Rehearsals are going well.

Boyd Gaming Corp. is also trimming its work force, laying off approximately 1% of its employees nationwide. Gone are top execs Dan Stark, Rob Meyne and Bob Gerst. The company has plans to do a makeover of the now defunct Echelon site by landscaping and wrapping the unfinished buildings.

Steve Wynn, along with Kenny Ortega and Bob Martin are working on an innovative project called Funhouse. This new show will incorporate modern technology, wit, and eye-popping choreography. I’ll keep you posted.

On Wednesday, Feb. 6, yours truly will be at the South Point casino to see the film that propelled me to international fame and stardom, Saturday Night Fever. I have never seen it in its entirety. The legendary John Travolta starred and I played myself, a Puerto Rican DJ. I was the first “queen” of disco.

Wonder Boy Steve Wyrick is playing Atlantic City. He’s like the Energizer bunny, he keeps on going, coming and working. Roseanne Barr is at The Laugh Factory at the Tropicana. This legendary comedienne, the ex of Tom Arnold (she had to give him $50 million according to the rumor mill), is a new Roseanne with a new outlook on life.

A polished comedienne, Roseanne moved the genre from the household to the world (despite The Star Spangled Banner and other related flops). She has propelled female comics into the stratosphere and helped make those first footsteps in the snow. There weren’t too many folks out there (Phyllis Diller, Totie Fields, Sophie Tucker, Moms Mabley, and, of course, Joan Rivers).

“American ‘Idle’” has also reached a saturation point and needs to go. Dueling divas – now that’s really boring. Mariah and Minaj are not interesting enough to sustain our interest or TV time. Bring Paula back!

Vegas is going through a transition. I made phone calls to The Plaza downtown – yadda, yadda. The shows are not opening any time soon. Tim Molyneux of Bite told me they haven’t come to any kind of agreement. And what is happening with Peep Show and CoCo – Loco? CoCo, CoCo is not local and thus this may be at the bottom of the dilemma.

Phil Ruffin is planning to build a convention center at Treasure Island after failed attempts to buy the Mirage. Ruffin reportedly will use areas behind the hotel and over the garage for this new center. Additional convention centers mean more conventions, which is good for our economy.

Mandalay Bay is doing some major renovations and reportedly is changing the name of the hotel to the Delano in 2014. The 10th Annual Walk with the Heart of a Child will be held on Saturday, Feb.23, at the Fashion Show Mall to help children affected by heart disease in Nevada. More than 1,400 local people support the walk each year to help generate funds for the Children’s Heart Foundation. For more info call 702-967-3522 or visit

My group and I were wonderfully treated to the new show Rock of Ages. This show came from New York and was a movie (with Tom Cruise and Alex Baldwin) that came and went quickly. The musical version seems to have more legs.

I loved the music, being a rock and roller, and recognized some folks and clubs I worked in. This is the same old story line, girl comes to town, meets boy, boy loses girl and they go their separate ways only to rediscover one another in the end and live happily ever after.

The first act pushes the rock button a little too long and loud for me. The second act was awesome, focusing on the women whose voices were stronger and richer with more interesting storylines. This show was a lot of fun and I hope people go to see it.

Members of my entourage (aka: Monti’s Menches) went to California to see the films entered into the “shorts” segment of the Irvine International Film Festival and particularly an interesting short called “A Perfect Day.” This film examines the intersection of two people, one of whom is about to set out on a Columbine-like adventure.

It could very easily be the basis for some serious discussion in our school systems. Kids need a jumping off point and this short film, only 18 minutes, could be the ice breaker and start discussions among the students, administrators, staff, whomever.

“A Perfect Day” may be just the thing the schools are looking for to begin this dialogue. Kelly Perine is executive producer and star of the film along with Seth Ginsberg. It won the prestigious Best Short Film Award as part of the Idlewild Film Festival. More info at

Last, but definitely not least, is the major event set for Thursday, Feb. 7, at the El Cortez Hotel & Casino. Atlantic Crossing, featuring MR III (yours truly), is the featured act with a local boy and Rod Stewart impersonator Vic Vega as our opener. The doors open at 6 and tickets are just $10. The event is being promoted on Smiler and the Rod Stewart Fan Club.

The Puerto Rican DJ still has it! As always, The Rev. Monti wishes you only the best.

Monti Rock, who starred with John Travolta is the classic Saturday Night Fever, is a legend, performer, GamingToday entertainment columnist and marketing expert. Contact Monti at [email protected].

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