In my world Michael Jackson tribute ‘Jackson worthy’

Jun 4, 2013 3:00 AM

Bravo, Michael Jackson One!

The greatest of the Cirque shows arrived at Mandalay Bay. We know the music of the world’s greatest entertainer of the century and his life riddled with scandal. This show pays homage and great respect to the memory of Michael Jackson. I was simply enthralled.

When the elements are together and you incorporate the music, dancing, acrobatics, lighting, staging, holograms and pyrotechnics, it is a massive undertaking. But the end result of is extraordinary and brilliant.

It makes you feel Michael is there overseeing and participating in all that goes on, and maybe he is. I’ve already booked another visit because I was so engrossed in this extravaganza. It was a spectacular stage presentation.

For all my readers, don’t walk, run to get your tickets because this one will be a sellout for years to come. This production leaves you in awe because all the forces converge and you are transformed.

Last week I went to the opening at redone and redesigned D, where the showroom is state of the art. The Scintas, with singing star Janien Valentine temporarily replacing their sister, are doing a fabulous job in the show. Brothers Joey and Frankie Scinta performed as Mick Jagger, Joe Cocker and Neil Diamond at the media event.

My buds Norm, Mike, and Robin Leach were all there as well as Mike Weatherford, my greatest supporter, along with Rose and Jim Perine. The show is well-oiled and good, clean, fun. The D is the new miracle of downtown, thanks to The Scinta’s residency and should do a good job of helping to attract the crowds.

Oscar Goodman, our former mayor, is out supporting his new book, where he talks about his clients – among whom are Lefty Rosenthal. He was evidently well-connected. However, he never defended me. It seems my major infractions were too much makeup and a limp wrist. These are minor offenses.

The book signing was at his restaurant, Oscar’s Steakhouse, located at the Plaza Hotel. More Plaza news: Centerfolds of Magic closed last week after trying hard to become a success. Just didn’t have the drawing power to make it.

Looks like the changes at New York-New York will begin this summer. MGM will start work on the new arena in the lot between this hotel and the Monte Carlo. The downside is some small businesses will be closed or moved. However, it does create employment and long term revenue for the city.

My birthday was wonderful. My luncheon at Casa di Amore was every possible dream I could possibly have. What a way to begin retirement and my commencement into a new aspect of my life.

My sincere thanks to my all my friends who attended my “funeral” memorial show/luncheon. Beautiful flowers were furnished by David Filter and his English Garden Florists, and dessert was supplied by Great Buns bakery.

Casa di Amore outdid themselves with great food and service. We also showed a clip from my new movie, Monti Rock-Unmasked, which looks like a hit, judging from the reaction at the luncheon. Of course, it may have been indigestion. I’m not sure; but a hit is a hit!

What is happening to the X Factor and Simon Cowell? More shake-ups. Pull the plug, please! And then we have America’s Got Talent with Heidi Klum and Mel B. What do they know about talent?

I told them I would be a judge for $100 and reinvent “here come de’ judge, here come de’ judge.” Fire them! I want to be a judge and even have the wardrobe, plus the jewelry and attitude.

HBO, you should be ashamed not mentioning me in Behind the Candelabra. As I watched I saw Michael Douglas doing an impersonation of Lee and Matt Damon doing an incredible acting job as Scott Thorson, Liberace’s lover. I was glued to the set watching the beautiful houses and the legacy.

Lee was a camp artist who borrowed some of my costumes and designers, and learned to put on a show. He borrowed a lot from Monti Rock but he had a much better dressmaker.

Since I am now working on my film Monti Rock Unmasked by Mike Michaels, I see some similarities between Monti and Liberace with the exception that I had a wash & wear wedding dress and many Thorsons in my life.

It is wonderful to have this new perch from which to review my life and comment on the lives of others. I’m not sanctimonious but it does feel good and the perspective is awesome.

Monti Rock, who starred with John Travolta in the classic Saturday Night Fever, is a legend, performer, GamingToday entertainment columnist and marketing expert. Contact Monti at [email protected].

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