No bad 'fishes' at this World Series of Poker joint

Jun 18, 2013 3:00 AM

As we did last week, we are going to keep with the WSOP (World Series of Poker) theme with this week’s review.

We are now into the third week of the WSOP at the Rio. As all poker players do, we are constantly looking for fish. We actually seek out “bad fish.”

If you are not a poker player you may be thinking, “Why is a guy who does a food review talking about bad fish?” Well, fish is a poker term for a bad player and we want to find all the “bad fish” we can at the poker tables. But when it comes to eating fish we want the very best fish.

I found some right at the Rio just a short walk from all the action at the WSOP. Buzio’s Seafood Restaurant (inside the Rio All Suite Hotel & Casino at 3700 W. Flamingo). After a nice session of cards I was feeling like some seafood so I popped into Buzio’s.

The setting is very nice as the restaurant sits right next to the pool, which gives a nice setting in the evening if seated at a window table. If you pop in for a bite while playing cards or on break from a tournament there is also plenty of seating right at the bar.

If you are a local and plan on going here while WSOP is still going, make sure to go before or after the dinner break, as the place is extremely busy when all the players go on dinner break.

Buzio’s has a very nice selection from their Raw Bar. For me, on this trip, I wanted some Chilean Sea Bass, which they will cook however you like. I am a big fan of blackened and they cooked my order to perfection.

The seasoning complimented the fish very well without over powering it. They offer two side dishes with the sea bass and I went with the glazed baby carrots, which were excellent. I also went with the rice pilaf.

Buzio’s has a very large selection of fresh fish daily. The guy sitting next to me at the bar ordered the Lobster Spaghetti and I have to tell you I will be trying that dish on my next visit.

It looked and smelled amazing and I can tell you he really seemed to enjoy the dish. He polished it off and had a big smile on his face when done. It was prepared with tomato, black truffle and mascarpone. Can I just put my order in now, please?

They serve huge portions and by the time I finished my meal there was no room for dessert, which given my sweet tooth was a disappointment. Remember, if you are a local and have a Total Rewards card show it to the server and receive a 25% discount on your bill.

This makes a great meal a bargain with the discount. I give Buzio’s Seaford Restaurant 3.75 Forks.

Marco D’Angelo is the senior handicapper at He co-hosts FIRST PREVIEW every Thursday at 10 a.m. on ESPN 1100 AM/98.9 FM. Follow him on twitter: @MarcoInVegas. Contact him at [email protected].

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