Celine Dion, Rene Angelil and AEG produces a winner

Jul 9, 2013 3:00 AM

There was an extraordinary opening at Bally’s last week. A new star was born in the name of Veronic.

This singer/impressionist boasts up to 50 voices, and, of course, her own fantastic set of pipes. She sings, dances, plays piano and really struts her stuff. Guiding her along the way are producers Celine Dion, Rene Angelil and AEG. This is quite a combination of talent – and it shows.

We now have a female impressionist/performer who can more than hold her own with the likes of Danny Gans and Bob Anderson. Veronic is supported by six female dancers, great visuals, and a fabulous state-of-the-art sound track. She performs Thursdays-Saturdays until the end of August.

I’m sure there will be an extension of the contract, as she deserves being a Las Vegas resident headliner. Prior to her show was very lively red carpet led by the likes of Celine, Carrot Top, Jon Secata,Anthony Cools and Mac King. I was there…but I don’t walk red carpets.

The much anticipated Michael Jackson/Cirque show had its official opening at Mandalay Bay. The scheduled 7 p.m. show opened some time later (surprise, surprise) and then on to the after show rooftop party. We had the press, the depressed and the not so impressed all melting in the extreme Vegas heat.

This show will be a success despite the repetitious acrobatics, etc., because it is about Michael Jackson – his music and legacy plus the holograms/other visuals along with the talented dancers that make it work.

There were Justin Bieber looka-likes and wannabes all over the red carpet. I thought I was Bieber’s mother. Oops, sorry! Alfie Woodard, Neil Patrick Harris, Jackson brothers Marlon, Tito,and Jackie plus other family members were quietly in attendance. Daughter Paris was not as she is recovering from a June incident. The family is keeping a low profile regarding the ongoing lawsuit,

We also went to the Golden Rainbow Ribbon of Life 27th annual benefit. Golden Rainbow has been helping southern Nevadans affected by HIV/AIDS since 1987. Among the many tributes was the touching Kenny Kerr homage. We are now trying to get him a star on the Walk of Fame.

Jimmy Emerson, one of the best female impersonators, outdid himself. As for some of the other queens, you know who you are, boo hoo, boo hoo. The many performers in this show included Clint Holmes, Frankie Moreno, Stephanie (Jordan) Sanchez, Josh Strickland, Human Nature, George Wallace, Wes Winters and many more. Later on there was a party at Milos.

There was a tragic accident at the MGM’s Cirque show, Ka. Dancer-acrobat Sarah Guillot-Guyard fell to her death from a floating stage even though she was wearing her harness. The 31-year-old performer sadly leaves two children behind. I’m sure Cirque is re-examining all mechanisms in all their shows to be sure everything is up to code. This is the first fatal accident in their 29-year history.

Faith Hill and Tim McGraw have been approached to extend the contract for their Soul 2 Soul show at The Venetian. This couple, along with Shania Twain, bring us the best in contemporary country music.

Beyonce brought down the 13,000-strong house at her MGM Grand Arena concert last weekend in one of the best shows of its kind. This girl can do no wrong.

At the BET Awards, there was some drama backstage when two of the girls almost got into it. On stage, we had Mariah Carey being accused of lip-syncing while singing up a storm. With that special voice, who cares?

Jamie Foxx won a few more awards. Paula Deen and George Zimmerman were discussed. People have to be very careful what they say – nothing goes unheard. But is the punishment in the Deen case going a little too far? Let’s face it – she didn’t kill anyone. The Zimmerman case is quite different because a teenager is dead, and for no good reason. Meanwhile, Alec Baldwin does it again. This time a tweet about gay people and marriage. C’mon, Alec, it’s time to keep your thoughts to yourself.

Due to the managerial changes at the Riviera there are only two shows left – Jan Rouven’s Illusions and the Riviera Comedy Club. Norbert Aleman’s Crazy Girls has been revised with some new cast members and choreography. It should re-open on Wed July 9. Let’s hope all these changes will keep the Riviera afloat as this hotel/casino has always been an important part of The Las Vegas Strip.

Nick Hissom, stepson of Steve Wynn, is in town to wrap up the filming of a music video for his upcoming single. Nick will be celebrating his 21st birthday over the holiday weekend in Las Vegas.

The Rev. Monti once again wishes you only the best.

Monti Rock, who starred with John Travolta in the classic Saturday Night Fever, is a legend, performer, GamingToday entertainment columnist and marketing expert. Contact Monti at [email protected].

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