Las Vegas sports books hit pro football running

Sep 3, 2013 3:07 AM

King Football has finally arrived and none too soon. Sports books were packed over the long holiday weekend – including Thursday night – with sports viewers and bettors. There’s nothing like rooting your wager in at your favorite casino sports book.

The casinos, which experienced a few more visitors in July but were down over 14% on gaming revenue on the Strip, must have been happy to see the crowds.

Art Manteris, Station Casinos’ vice president of sports book operations, explained it perfectly a few weeks ago when the local casino giant unveiled its mobile betting app. He remarked that the mobile app adds convenience, but the experience of watching and wagering in the sports book remains special.

Speaking of apps, South Point released its new mobile betting software last week. We can’t wait to download it to our iPhone. Then we will have all four available apps (Cantor Gaming and William Hill are the other two) in one convenient location and can shop price from anywhere. We do love shopping!

LADIES WAGER, TOO: Speaking of football and betting, we’ve noticed an increase in the number of women in the sports books over the years. We’re not talking about the wife or girlfriend who patiently waits for her man to place his wager. These gals are making their own bets on sports, parlay cards and horse racing.

And, of course, as bettors they are also viewers. The national television networks have taken notice of this, too, as they spend more and more for television rights. Naturally, with more viewers they can sell the commercials at higher rates.

Sports events tend not to be recorded. Fans like watching “live” the best and therefore see the advertisements. You can’t fast forward through them like you do on recorded shows.

LADY JOCKS: We have also noticed the increased number of female jockeys now riding across the nation. From the well-known Rose Napravnik, now finishing up at Saratoga, to the eye-catching Chantal Sutherland-Kruse, concluding the summer at Del Mar, there are now “lady jocks” everywhere.

But the path to the winner’s circle is not always smooth as jockey Heidi Rose, now riding at Arlington Park, found out recently.

Rose scored her first victory when her mount, Silver Prince, won the opening race by a nose Thursday last.

However, after the race horse and rider lost contact with each other when he tossed Rose and ran off the track at the mile gap where horses exit the racing surface toward the barn area. Neither horse nor jockey was injured and Rose made her way to the winner’s circle alone.

“He leaned out toward that out-gap and I was pulling away from it,” Rose explained. “The horse wheeled. He jumped it and took off. He went home. I am happy to win. I will definitely never forget this one.”

It was just the 10th ride for the 27-year-old native of Holland, Michigan, who has been a hotwalker, groom, exercise rider, assistant trainer, pony person and worked the sales before launching her riding career earlier this month.

Sadly, the photo of her first win – after only 10 starts – doesn’t have the winning horse in it!

THAT’S AMORE: New eating spots continue to pop up all over town. They come and they go. One with staying power, friends tell us, is Amore Taste of Chicago at 3945 South Durango Drive.

Finding a top-notch pizza can be challenging in Vegas, whether you go high price, low price or in between.

Our favorite is thin crust (fewer carbs) but for those who are looking for a consistently good, thick crust Chicago-style pie, we’re told Amore Taste of Chicago is a sure bet with fresh ingredients, dough made on property, and correct baking time in their specialty ovens.

See you around town.

Eileen DiRocco is the owner and publisher of GamingToday, the bible for gaming news “you can bet on.” Contact Eileen at [email protected].

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