Meat Loaf opens at Planet Hollywood still rockin'

Oct 15, 2013 3:00 AM

The Full Monti went to Planet Hollywood for the opening of Meat Loaf’s new show. He not only IS a rock star, but one who starred in “Rocky Horror Picture Show,” “Hair” and 59 other Hollywood films.

This show’s a rock ‘n roll musical autobiography. The red carpet opening was kind of a window display of characters. Frank Marino and his entourage were there in full force.

Adam Steck was there with his lovely wife (who is expecting). Thunder From Down Under and The Bee Gees Tribute group were also there, along with a group of Meat Loaf fans from Europe. Of course, there were many of the usual suspects who came for the reception.

We all know about Siegfried and Roy. It has been 10 years since their storied careers ended when Roy was mauled by a tiger, and now he is well enough to enjoy his 69th birthday celebration. I love both Siegfried and Roy, as well as their great publicist, the late Frank Lieberman, who were all always so warm to me. We miss the spectacular elephants, the big cats and, of course, their wonderful showmanship.

About the Frank Marino roast this past week – my spies told me it was quite an evening and the proceeds went to Make-A-Wish foundation. But I felt the Siegfried and Roy tiger bit and making fun of Steve Warwick were uncalled for. Among the roasters were Louie Anderson, Pia Zadora, Murray Sawchuck, and others who were “dragged in” for the occasion.

How about Bruce Jenner and Kris Kardashian announcing their separation after 22 years of “marital bliss!” Bruce is still set to appear on the Kardashian reality show as they claim the split is amicable. He is reportedly worth $100 million and she about $20 million. He did lose it with the paparazzi last week and was caught on camera using the “f” word over and over again.

One thing for sure is the Kardashian clan still knows how to stay in the headlines no matter what.

Clint Holmes will “knock them dead” at the Carlyle in New York and return for his monthly show at Cabaret Jazz. We definitely will be at the Pia Zadora show in her own room at Piero’s next week. Pia was a big Las Vegas attraction back in the ‘60s and still can perform with the best of them.

The verdict came in and AEG was ruled innocent in the Michael Jackson wrongful death litigation. Most people were satisfied with the verdict except for many members of the Jackson family. The estate is making more money now than ever, and it is time to let Michael rest and allow his children to pursue normal and productive lives.

The great Elton John sold out once again at the Colosseum. There was a waiting list for standbys hoping to snag some seats, but there were hardly any, if any, no-shows. Elton was magical as usual and much at ease telling great stories along with singing his fabulous songs.

Elton is an entertainer’s entertainer, on stage for almost two hours. The visuals of him and his family show him in a new light because he’s now a family man with children and a long-time partner.

Anita Mann, the producer/director and visionary behind Fantasy at the Luxor, is ready to launch her new Fantasy Calendar on Oct. 22 along with featured new singer Jaime Lynch. We appreciate her need to put new numbers in the show, always tweaking it, as it gives the show a fresh feeling.

The Luxor is also home for the wonderful Criss Angel who has a brand-new TV reality show and a soon-to-be released album. I am one of many fans of the “the Mick Jagger of magic” who always comes up with many surprises for his audiences.

I keep going back to downtown and the old Fitzgeralds, which has now become The D. Kid Rock was the featured performer at their event on Fremont Street. Also, Gordie Brown at the Golden Nugget is still going strong.

Tourists will soon have the largest ferris wheel in the world and the Linq, in addition to the New York-New York roller coaster, to help make their stay in Las Vegas more exciting.

Miley Cyrus was on “The Today Show” with Matt Lauer, talking about sex and aging. Matt is 56 and claims he has no problems in that department. This is really no subject for early morning TV.

Miley seems to be a grown woman, no longer Hannah Montana. On “Saturday Night Live” she said Hannah is dead, murdered by Miley pushing the envelope with her bawdy sexuality. But what may be lost in all the publicity is that she happens to be a great entertainer.

Miley can sing and I respect her abilities. Miley, you have the attention of the media world who are growing fond of you and who have been there for you.

LVH is the new home of Mosaic, the vocal group that uses only their voices. They will be performing at LVH Shimmer Cabaret for one year. This is the group that was introduced to Las Vegas when they opened for comedian George Wallace several years ago.

Last, but not least, I was introduced to Philippine cuisine this week and quickly have become a fan. Max’s Restaurant on E. Flamingo Road and Maryland Pkwy. is the place to go for great Filipino dishes. If you like Asian food, you will definitely appreciate their take on this fusion of Spanish, Chinese, American and Malaysian favorites.

Best wishes to all from The Rev. Monti.

Monti Rock, who starred with John Travolta in the classic Saturday Night Fever, is a legend, performer, GamingToday entertainment columnist and marketing expert. Contact Monti at [email protected].

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