Chinese New Year saluted at Palazzo

Jan 19, 2016 3:00 AM

Chinese New Year has arrived inside The Waterfall Atrium and Gardens of The Palazzo Las Vegas. To commemorate the Year of the Monkey, The Venetian and The Palazzo’s floral and horticulture team worked with a team of artisans and consulted a Feng Shui master to create the massive Chinese New Year display.

Throughout both properties, guests will find 78 handcrafted monkeys, each with a unique, hand-painted face. The main feature of the display is the five-foot tall, 300-pound Monkey King seated at the base of the 38-foot-tall wishing tree. His chest plate is made up of more than 8,000 hand-sewn gold coins and he is draped in Swarovski crystals.

Among the wishing tree’s 8,000 branches of golden foliage are 28 young and somewhat mischievous monkeys. The number 28 is an auspicious number in Chinese culture, representing “easy fortune.” There are also eight giant, hand-painted peaches covered in Swarovski crystals. The monkeys that are extending a peach are wishing guests a long life.

The display also features:

• 88 gold and red six-foot lanterns that are suspended over the walkways of the Waterfall Atrium and Gardens

• More than 1,000 blooming flowers, including golden Phalaenopsis, cymbidium orchids, chrysanthemums, and Oriental lilies

• More than 1,200 plants including phormium grasses, philodendrum, Ogon grass, tangerine trees, lucky bamboo trees, ivy, ferns, and cast-iron plants

Guests can experience the Chinese New Year display through end of February.

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