Prince isn't an artist that can be replaced

May 3, 2016 3:00 AM

The death of Prince has the entire entertainment world in a spin.

Tributes, condolences, etc., from celebrities, fans, world leaders keep pouring in. He has been cremated and a special memorial service may have already taken place in Minneapolis, his hometown, which he loved so much.

Prince was a musical genius who played 27 instruments as well as being a singer, songwriter, recording artist and concert performer. Many of us here in Las Vegas were lucky enough to feel the impact of this great artist at his stint at the Hard Rock and his six-month residency at the Rio.

He loved to perform and he loved his fans. Rumor has it there are plans in the works to convert his Minneapolis recording empire into a Graceland-type attraction. A judge appointed a trust company to temporarily handle the affairs of his estate.

There is reportedly no will and the estate is worth at least $300 million. RIP Prince, you were true royalty in the entertainment world. The Westgate Las Vegas has got the Purple Rain show which, incidentally, has been a sort of hit for some time now. This situation will most likely make the show a smash.

A second life!

Kelly is back! She returned to her top rated show “Live with Kelly and Michael” as promised and it looks like business is almost back to normal. After making a short speech regarding the goings on at the Disney-owned show the two co-hosts got down to do what has made it a very popular morning show.

A little news, a lot of silliness. a great rapport with their guests, etc. seems to be right on track, though they seemed a bit uncomfortable at the very beginning. Let’s hope she gets another winner like Michael as co-host as the change takes effect after Michael, who was originally scheduled to leave in September, just announced he departs in May. Maybe I did see some tension in their entrance.

It is alleged that not all of the people affected by the change are happy. Case in point, Lara Spencer. Lara, one of the co-hosts on GMA was supposed to get the position given to Michael. These TV personalities seem to forget the shows in which they appear are run by large corporations that treat their employees as numbers rather than individuals who deserve respect and consideration.

Bally Ho!

Wayne Newton began his new residency show at Bally’s Las Vegas in their Windows Showroom. The show “Up Close and Personal” gives Wayne the chance to chat with his audience between songs, and again be part of the Vegas scene.

After a much publicized opening of Shenandoah, his estate, there is now little or no publicity. His neighbors have been fighting the project claiming it will bring too much traffic and noise to the area. Wayne received a lot of publicity by appearing with The Killers at the opening of the T-Mobile Arena.

Directors help

Frankie Moreno, in his new show at Planet Hollywood, has hired a director for the first time. The former Stratosphere entertainer has revamped his show so as to allow a director to make it seem larger in scale and more professional. Strutting across the large stage in a choreographed manner does make for a better show.

However without a hit record or album it is most difficult to become a superstar. A perfect example of that is Matt Goss who still is a big hit at Caesars Palace. He, too, seems to be caught in that same spot of just missing the mark.

Incidentally, the “Human Nature” boys added a director and possibly some dancers to their new show “Juke Box.” Let’s hope this show is at least as successful, if not better, then the original that brought them here from Australia.


Multi-talented Seth MacFarlane, fronting Steve Wynn’s “Showstoppers” orchestra, did a show at the Encore Theater taking the audience on a musical tour of 1940’s show bands to jazz big bands and superstars that followed. He was never really thought of as a singer until he appeared on the Sinatra 100 tribute.

Spearing Brit

Britney Spears’ past comes back to haunt her as her ex-manager is seeking millions allegedly owed to him as manager during her more turbulent years when she shaved her head, etc., etc. As always – money, money, money!

The Rev. Monti, as always, wishes you only the best.

Monti Rock, who starred with John Travolta in the classic Saturday Night Fever, is a legend, performer, GamingToday entertainment columnist and marketing expert. Contact Monti at [email protected].