Atmosphere remains special with Richie at PH experience

May 17, 2016 3:00 AM


Special to GamingToday

I grew up on The Commodores and had never had the privilege of seeing them or Lionel Richie before, so I took the opportunity to go to his Vegas show this past weekend. It was a very exciting experience, to say the least.

One of the things that impressed me was his showmanship. I knew Richie could sing and wrote many songs over the years, but did not know he was such a great speaker and comedic talent. There were times throughout the evening he had his audience laughing so hard… then on a dime we were crying.

I think at one point I looked around, after requesting my favorite song “Brick House,” only to see not one person sitting. Everyone was on their feet dancing and singing. There was such an electricity in the air… we all felt it.

He took us on a stroll down memory lane about those who had passed that were his “brothers’’ such as Glenn Frey, Whitney Houston, Michael Jackson. He then told an amazing story about one who left us recently, Prince. He went on to say Prince gave him a complement, and said how rare this was, about a song he had written and had just released, “Say You Say Me.” He “really liked that song.” Lionel then went into this song and the crowd went wild.

He ended the evening with a montage of photos of fellow artists and the song he collaborated on with Michael Jackson, “We Are The World,” and had the entire audience participate.

It was one of those “feel good moments” for us all.

Lionel will be headed to London in the next few weeks, but he is currently in residency at the Axis Theater at Planet Hollywood.

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