Richie, Prince on my mind

May 24, 2016 3:00 AM

Back to business… and it feels good!

There have been so many comebacks, divorces, philandering, but most of all, Vegas is hot and jumping like a jack rabbit! Isn’t that right, Lionel!

Yes, Ritchie, of the original Commodores, was at Planet Hollywood singing all his hits.

And it seems everyone is dedicating part of their show to the uber-legendary Prince.

Rumor has it, Prince had many children from various liaisons and some of those alleged children are starting to come forth like fish at an eating frenzy – his estate is worth more than 100 million dollars. But his sister has acted like a vicious viper about to pounce. Instead, she is a humble and very sad lady with the loss of her only pure blood brother.

That is quite a statement in itself, in today’s world, the leeches come out and try to suck the dried blood of the still warm corpse. Prince was a true Prince.

Honestly, LaToya!

LaToya Jackson made a statement comparing her brother Michael and that death circus to the noble passing and environment surrounding Prince. Let it go.

Speaking of the Jacksons, Janet has had to cancel her tour again – this time, it is a pea in her pod… a belly bump… a good reason for celebration and giving herself a chance to enjoy this special time in a mother-to-be life.

Latino Moreno

Frankie Moreno (not Frank Marino, the femme impersonator) is the Hispanic, fabulous new sexy singer in town. He is incredible!!!

Speaking of Frank Marino, he is building a new mansion near my dear friend and candidate for NSHE University Regent, District 7, Lucille Thaler. She has been a friend of mine for 55 loyal years!

My world goes way beyond entertainers and gossip, extending out to true leaders and educators that have changed this world and mine, too.


One of my oldest friends, Wayne Newton, made his true comeback appearance at the opening of the T-Mobile Arena. He received accolades that were silent for years!

Wayne now has Up Close and Personal at Bally’s in the Windows Showroom.

What do we really know about the true inside and emotional man – Wayne Newton? He is a legend in Vegas – but what were his goals in life? How did he feel about different situations?

We know how he got involved with the U.S. Military, in the USO shows, and he was a friend of Frank Sinatra and the Rat Pack, but never a part of the inside circle.

What we do learn about this man is what makes an entertainer, an entertainer. He tells anecdotes of the old days here and his observations of Vegas as it was in its golden heyday. Do not miss this superlative performance!

I’m on Hold

At the Westgate, the French review Twisted Vegas has closed. The Elvis exhibit closed earlier this year and as far as we know the dispute over all the Elvis memorabilia is still ongoing.

So, King Monti is on the fence about doing his fantastic expo, which was planned for another property. But now I’m on the fence… like a bird on a wire.

Odds & Ends

Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne were calling it quits after nearly 40 years of insanity and marriage. But the couple was recently seen out together and the latest rumors have them patching things up.

Kelly Ripa and Michael Strahan called it quits – he went to ABC, and Kelly is looking for a new co-host. Anderson Cooper is perfect fit… more to come.

Cris Angel’s new show has been pushed back for a little reworking.

Thank you

My partner of 42 years, Bruce, is on the mend! I want to thank all my supporters, his doctors, and the entire extended family community, for their loyalty and prayers for his recovery. God bless you all!

Thank you to all my readers and followers – the best is yet to come!

Monti Rock sends his warmest greetings to our men in uniform this coming Memorial Day!!

Monti Rock, who starred with John Travolta in the classic Saturday Night Fever, is a legend, performer, GamingToday entertainment columnist and marketing expert. Contact Monti at [email protected]