Scinta hits 60; Cher signs on longer at The Park Theatre

Mar 7, 2017 3:00 AM

I could not attend, but was invited to a surprise party for one of my favorites, Frankie Scinta. Frankie turned 60 and was given a wonderful birthday surprise party at the Italian-American club, with all local stars attending.

I heard one of the things that stood out was Clint Holmes’ rendition of “You’ve Lost That Lovin’ Feelin’.”

Many of these guys are from Buffalo, N.Y. Frankie thought he was going to meet Joe Pesci, but instead he got this great party. The Scinta family has been very kind to this columnist and I wish him a very, very Happy Birthday.

When the Scintas first arrived they were working at the lounge at the old Hilton Hotel, and then they built a big room for them at the Rio, where they performed and killed it for many years. They are now at the Plaza. It’s a must see show.

Cher revival

This just in, they’ve added more shows for Cher, at The Park Theater in the Monte Carlo. She’ll be working here through August. She’s doing great business and I look forward to seeing her soon.

As we talk about the theaters and residencies that are coming, we just can’t wait for Ricky Martin who opens the end of April, also at Park Theater, and should not be missed. Of course Ricky will have the whole family with him… his children and fiancé Jwan Yosef.

Welcome Back

More show news. The Backstreet Boys opened at Planet Hollywood. Frankie Moreno, the singer, will now have a residency at the Golden Nugget. I think it will be a good marriage. Gordie Brown was there for 7 years and I think this one could work for the long term as well. Bally’s is doing the same thing, looking for a show to go in there since Jubilee is gone.

When you think about the Windows Showroom at Bally’s, it’s become a great venue, intimate and roomy. The Bronx Wanderers, Wayne Newton and 50 Shades have all done well there. Between Paris and Bally’s, they have some good shows. The same thing is happening with the Tropicana. Word on the street is two new restaurants are opening there next month, but what it really needs is a show. A lot to look forward to.

Downtown happenin’

We keep talking about downtown. And when I say downtown, I’m talking about the Grand. We have the Scintas at the Plaza along with Oscar’s fabulous restaurant, and John Bentham and Ivory Star Productions have all his shows, one of which is the long running hit, Marriage Can Be Murder at The D.

What I find as a columnist is that all these residencies do great business with international stars.

JLo has her TV show returning, there are hit records for her and so many of our headliners. We have the Chinese themes doing very big business here. The Asian market is hot to trot. I still believe a Latin revue or a show like the one here 5 years ago (Cuban) is the way to go. Someone’s got to revisit that niche, and go for it. Right now we have country music, which will always do well here in Las Vegas but we can always use more variety.

The blunder goes to…

We all saw the Oscars become one of the most interesting debacles, but Jimmy Kimmel was one of the best hosts. He kept it together and they should call him back for next year!

The most gracious moment was the cast of “La La Land” handing the card and the Oscar to the “Moonlight” folks and saying how much they deserved this honor. Still, this year’s Oscars was one of the better productions. Kimmel is not Ellen or Billy Crystal, but did a great job. As for the fashion, Nicole Kidman, of course, fabulous. Same for Viola Davis’ red dress and great speech.

Thanks Ferraro’s

I invited two special people in my life to enjoy a fabulous dinner at Ferraro’s Italian Restaurant and Wine Bar on Paradise Road across from the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino. This was to thank them for their continued support and friendship plus to celebrate the birthday of Roxanne Miller. Susan Lerner, Roxanne and I enjoyed soup, salad and pasta and the great service and ambiance of one of our favorite spots. It was a great evening.