Snatched wasn't worthy of stars Hawn, Schumer; Gordie Brown arrives at Planet Hollywood

Snatched wasn't worthy of stars Hawn, Schumer; Gordie Brown arrives at Planet Hollywood

May 23, 2017 3:00 AM


“Snatched” with the ever great Goldie Hawn and Amy Schumer just did not make it! I went to see it all thrilled that Goldie was back on screen, but a poorly written script could not be salvaged by these great ladies of comedy. “Snatched” should be snatched from the theaters ASAP!

Dialogue in films is sometimes able to be “fixed” by the actors – but in a big budget production you must stick to the written script, no matter what. I remember in the now cult classic “Saturday Night Fever” how it was an indie film (new for that era). When they had me cast as the DJ – the first thing I did was change the name of the character from Bernie the DJ to Monti the DJ. Who would ever name a DJ Bernie?

I also added a classic line and went down in the annals of free flowing ad-libbing when John Travolta showed up for his scene in a white disco era polyester suit. I said on film, “I love your polyester hair, baby!” The line was kept in because it was spot on for the character and gave a note of levity in the scene.

Unfortunately, in big budget films, with high paid screenwriters, – again, the actors are forced to stay with the script. Alas, that is what killed “Snatched” – not the acting, or the cinematography, or the storyline, but the dialogue – it was snatched from Hades.

I’m here Lonnie

Lonnie Hammargren and all of his fantastic memorabilia has had the banks take those objects he carefully collected and even bought two other next-door homes to place them in. The outside wall of his home had the American flag painted on it, this is a shame! Lonnie, if you did not already know, was an esteemed former Lieutenant Governor of Nevada, a magnificent neuro/brain surgeon, and a great member of the real Las Vegas society.

He bought his first home in 1971, and then added the other two. After all these years, it’s a shame to lose this a tradition. Every year, for one day, he would open his private homes and collections of curiosity pieces and let the people come into his private museum. Lonnie, can I have Liberace’s staircase?

Honor our USA

It will soon be Memorial Day weekend! The beach clubs and day clubs at the hotels will fill up with the usual suspects – the gym-rippled bodies of guys whose abs create a ruckus with the cell phone selfie addicted gals who wear the smallest bikinis known to mankind. They are workout queens, too – and every inch must be perfect – faces, too. Big boobs are still big in Vegas – and tiny waists emphasize those racks!

Me, I will be flying my American flag, probably going to a cookout, maybe a film or a show and enjoying the fact that the lazier days of summertime are officially arriving. It does become official with the Summer Solstice on June 20.

Please, do not forget the men and women who served our great land, the USA! They are the most special stars of all.

A trio returns

Gordie Brown is back in town at Planet Hollywood. He is a great impressionist and singer. Speaking of that genre, I just heard from another past Strip headliner, the marvelous Bob Anderson, who will be coming our way soon – contractual agreements prevented him from giving out the details – but when he is here  do catch him, he is one of the greatest.

Also, Rich Little is at the Tropicana in the comedy club.

A sad loss

From laughter to sorrow. Last week, super publicist John Neeland passed away after a lengthy illness. John was the PR man at the Riviera, the Sahara, and Circus Circus. The real old timers and true world of PR people will surely miss John who passed at the age of 70.

Guess who’s 78!

On May 29, can you believe I turn 78. I am having some private parties to celebrate my birthday and also a memorial for my beloved partner of 42 years, Bruce Moshman, who passed away last June 24. Zozo, the wonder dog is the new love of my life.

The legend lives!

I have made headlines and was in a feature story about me on the Review Journal’s LIFE section cover last week. It was written by the great Mike Weatherford and photographed by Eric Verduzko. Mike, I thank you for putting together a true profile piece on the story of the real Monti Rock III.

I was amazed at the wording of this article and taken aback by the great photographs. Eileen, publisher of GamingToday, I thank you very much for letting me be featured in another paper in Las Vegas. Eileen has been the coach in my corner since 2002. That’s 15 years of working together!