Rock shouldn't be throwing them at host MGM

Jun 20, 2017 3:00 AM

Chris Rock mouthed off or “dissed” MGM at his early show while the CEO was in the audience. He was annoyed with some electrical/mechanical glitches at The Park, and could not get room service after 2 a.m.

Well, this I have to say, I love MGM but think this over, as a 24/7 town, many people – especially performers – retire to their rooms after a double headliner evening and wind down and are hungry. You don’t eat before you perform – rule of thumb and stomach – so you are famished.

I learned this when I toured, and spent back then over a million in room service just to have my nutrition, relax and save my appetite after an enormous arena show. You really do not want to be in a restaurant. You want to chill down and chow down in peace.

Properties, I think, should take this into consideration and have a limited menu or a special arrangement for the entertainers. Old time Vegas would never think of turning down a headliner’s 2 or 3 a.m. request for food.

But, Chris, don’t be nasty to the corps, you are not the employer. MGM is paying you – literally – “don’t bite the hand that feeds you.”

You get more with honey than with nasty salt attacks you share with an audience. You’re there for laughter and fun, not to whine.

Poor “taste” in my book!

Divine Tonys

Back in NYC – Radio City Music Hall hosted the American Theater Wing’s 71st annual Tony Awards for excellence in theater. Bette Midler – the Divine Miss M – won for her revival portrayal of Carol Channing’s Dolly Levi role in Hello Dolly! A perfect fit for that part – a perfect performance. I do think it is time for Carol Channing to receive a Kennedy Center award – she has not been recognized for her talent and contributions over the years – and is a Broadway icon!

Another remarkable choice was for James Earl Jones to be the recipient of the lifetime achievement award. Way back – in about 1966, my friend Lu did an Actor’s Studio Project (NYC) with him and always remembered his natural and studious work. In that very same production was Al Pacino. It was called “The Peace Creeps” – a predecessor to Hair.

The Tony Awards are not a Hollywood scene – it is elegant and each award is truly deserved. It is not the Red Carpet fashion ball – it is real. Congrats to also Cynthia Nixon for receiving another Tony (Best Performance by an Actress in a Featured Role in a Play) for her unbeatable talent as an actor!

Spreading Daisy

The Electric Daisy Carnival, North America’s largest three day event, was in town! The celebrations, performances… and not just from the entertainers. The crowd itself is a terrific entertainment show! The gear they wear – the looks – the costume effect of it all – has me on my fashion direction toes! Hair colors of rainbows – am I in Oz? Makes me think of the old East Village punk days in NYC’s lower east side!

Gotham saddened

Sad note – the passing of the real Batman. The TV Batman of the 60’s, Adam West a.k.a. Bruce Wayne, billionaire playboy and gentleman. He got this role when he was nearly 40 and it redesigned his career – Adam was always Batman – not the cinema Batman – but the one we used to watch faithfully as he never had any real expressions or angst.

The pop art movement – especially Andy Warhol, took these comic book images and put them onto canvas, selling for millions. West was a legend – more so than the TV Superman – George Reeves – and he did not wear those costumes that were pumped up. He worked out faithfully and wore only spandex-type suits, so those muscles and build were real. Bye, bye Batman. May you rest in peace.

Downtown change

In glittering downtown – Vegas Vickie, the neon glitter gal, has gone the way of Vegas Vic and has come down. The D hotel owner, Derek Stevens – rumor has it – will tear down and replace the shuttered Las Vegas Club with a full casino resort, which will enhance and increase our already burgeoning downtown tourist and local trade!!

Oscar Goodman changed it all and now he gives weekly Q&A sessions at the Plaza’s Oscar’s Beef, Booze and Broads steakhouse. He is the old Vegas and wife Carolyn, comrade, mentor, mayor and educational leader, has been by his side and shared his dream. The Goodmans are what made Las Vegas good!

Killer news

Hometown rockers – The Killers – have not lost their attachment to our city. They just recorded at 11th Street Records studio, their new album/CD – “Wonderful, Wonderful,” and have released a new song as a single, “The Man.” Brandon Flowers, you are amazing!

Imagine Dragons is another WOW Vegas group – I am so proud of my adopted hometown entertainers.

Also, Caesars Palace will keep Absinthe, the risque variety show. Despite rumors last year of moving to the Cosmopolitan and even some litigation, it seems everything has been resolved. Yes, Caesars is where it truly belongs!

Comic relief

Locals – great fun for free – at The Village Square (Sahara and Fort Apache) on Third Thursdays – vintage cars, comic book paintings, and for the parents or adults, fine crafted beer tastings from the Chicago Brewing Company. Desert Celestial Comics does the comic painting by artists who are very now with today’s youngsters. This is a local fun fest!

Sweet Charity

Meals on Wheels for seniors has helped to alleviate the need to go out in unbearable heat or if homebound, and know not where your next meal is coming from – they have saved our seniors!

Also, Three Square Food Bank is holding a fund raiser this month at the Tropicana – $99 buys you an all-you-can-eat splendiferous meal. And, the best part is most of the tab goes to funding Three Square. Bless these organizations! May no one ever have to worry from where and when their next meal will come.