25th Anniversary Show a rousing success for casino collectibles

25th Anniversary Show a rousing success for casino collectibles

July 04, 2017 3:00 AM


Celebrating its 25th anniversary, The Casino Chip & Gaming Token Collectors Club (CC&GTCC) held its annual collectibles show at the South Point Casino Hotel June 22-24. This is the largest casino collectible show of its kind in the world.

Attendance and dealers were at near record levels, with over 2,000 attendees and 52 dealers displaying casino chips, poker chips, old casino $1 slot tokens and casino logo items like matchbooks, dice, playing cards, swizzle sticks, slot club cards, hotel room keys and ashtrays.

If you’ve never seen a chip collector’s show, it’s quite an amazing sight! You can’t imagine how many chips are in that room and the total value of what all those chips might even be worth! At auction this year one chip of the 180 items up for auction, reportedly a rare Caesars Palace $25 chip, sold for $5,500.

At a show two years ago, one particular chip sold for $75,000! The buyer remains anonymous but the chip was a $5 Golden Goose from Las Vegas. Between 1975 and 1980, there was a Golden Goose Casino in downtown Las Vegas. What makes this rare chip so valuable is uncertain but the buyer must have known its value!

It’s easy to get started collecting casino memorabilia and chips. Many hobbyists begin collecting casino cards and memorabilia such as chips and dice while visiting a casino, but the popularity of casino items allow many collectors to buy, sell and trade their items worldwide. Collecting old $1 slot machine metal tokens, $1 and $5 casino chips, slot club cards and even room keys with logos and casino images are popular and fairly easy on the budget.

Many collectors are able to add free slot club cards to their own collections by simply joining the slot clubs at their local casinos or in their travels. You can also find abandoned cards left at the slot machines and use them to trade with other enthusiasts.

CC&GTCC is an educational organization with the mission of preserving gaming history, specializing in providing a resource for information and history on gaming memorabilia – chips, tokens, dice, slot club cards, playing cards, etc. Each year the founders of the club and many chip collectors and sellers come to Las Vegas to trade chips, meet new members, and sell all types of casino memorabilia. The ultimate goal of the group is to one day open a museum. For more information visit www.ccgtcc.com

A local group of collectors are known as the Southern Nevada Casino Collectibles Club (SNCCC). This friendly group of collectors is interested primarily in casino chips and casino coins, past and present, but also buys, sells, auctions and trades all sorts of other casino memorabilia.

The group meets on the second Tuesday of every month at the Gold Coast Casino in one of the salons. The regular meetings begins at 7 p.m., however members begin arriving as early as 6 p.m. to share stories and do a little swapping, trading and buying between each other. They also run a 50/50 raffle for cash and/or prizes that is quite a lot of fun. The meetings are short and sweet but the fun begins with a guest speaker afterward.

Usually a local gaming expert, casino exec, a collector or someone presenting some useful and helpful information is scheduled to speak for about 20 minutes and will take questions and answers following the presentation. An auction of casino chips or related items usually follows the meeting and speakers, as well as pulling the drawing winners.

A year’s membership to SNCCC is only $12, payable at the door. That’s a dollar a month for a good time and a great learning experience for new collectors as well as established collectors looking to broaden contacts and collect some new chips for their collection.

A new potential member can attend a first meeting as guest at no charge just to see what the group is all about!

Plan to attend a meeting and join in on the fun!