Rumors that Gaga is seeking a residency here in Vegas

Rumors that Gaga is seeking a residency here in Vegas

July 18, 2017 3:00 AM


It had to happen – happen big – Lady Gaga is on the boards for her Joanne World Tour stop at T-Mobile Arena on Aug. 11. But last week’s Dive Bar Tour sponsored by Bud Light was postponed due to rehearsals for the Joanne tour, according to a statement from the singer and Bud Light. As of this writing a new date has not been scheduled, but rumors are it will likely be in conjunction with her Aug. 11 appearance.

There are also rumors this great performer, with such fabulous tunes and melodies, is seeking a residency here in Vegas. Wow!! That would surely shake up the Strip with great offerings – as one property will try and catch the Gaga-bandwagon with other stars… stay tuned for more on this!

Cinema snipits

“Spider-Man: Homecoming” is a terrific fun fest. Do not expect a serious film with morbid undertones, this is almost a satire of Spider-Man and it is sensational! I laughed, was involved in the story and adored Tobey Maguire (who really is ageless!)

And, several critics put down “Paris Can Wait,” but I do not. It is a simple film, more of a character study that has fabulous cinematography of the French countryside. The message is clear: don’t rush life, let it happen; find yourself along the journey and revel in the answer you find. This might sound philosophical, but it is not, it is simply a delicious delight, a gourmet feast for the senses.

I was awed by a film based on a true story – “The Big Sick.” Here’s the question: If your parents brought you to America when you were young, seeking a better life, why do they want to stick to the old world’s customs and rituals? It is complex. I hadn’t seen Holly Hunter in a long time, and she is marvelous in this flick. Ray Romano, a frequent headliner on the Strip, is delightful as the American girl’s father. He is a great bonding force in this film. I left the theater smiling and feeling really good inside. Please, see this one. Love conquers all.

So, as I emerge from the frosty casino cinemas, I walk by the sportsbook and smile, for there in front of me is my favorite publication, neatly stacked: GamingToday!

Not today, Faraday

There is no future in Faraday Future as it will no longer be a new industry in North Las Vegas. Instead of building the promised $1 billion facility, they will look for a 1,000,000 square foot pre-existing factory in order to be cost effective. Sadly, this does not exist in southern Nevada. So many were ready to be employed by Faraday; it would have given a growth spurt to NLV’s job market.

In the future, I hope companies such as Faraday will have their facts and figures clearly laid out before announcing a new industrial growth firm; many counted on this opportunity. And hopefully our elected officials will do more research, too.

America’s got Room

Mat Franco, did you realize there seems to be a “curse” when they (the powers that be) name a room after you? Not joking; sincerely, it is like: this is your room; we named it for you so you must be fantastic at all times. Isn’t that a pretty dish to place before an “America’s Got Talent” winner?

Remember, be humble. Enough said. I do wish you well and hope this challenge is something a winner will be able to pull off seamlessly! So far you seem to be doing just that.

Gig will come

My recent surgery made me empathize with Jeff Civillico, who underwent knee surgery toward the end of last year. He is determined to return (as am I). Will he be able to do his Paris Las Vegas gig this month? More to come…

Pullin’ for Olivia

Olivia Newton-John, a great entertainer and talent, and former Flamingo residency star, has a renewed battle with cancer. It took 25 years to resurface. This time, those radical cells surfaced in her back. Yes, they travel, and even if one thinks they got them all, you are never sure. We wish her a speedy and successful recovery in her latest battle with the beast.

Couples that work

Kate Winslet recently let it be known she would be oh, so ready for another co-starring part with Leonardo DiCaprio. Once they were wunderkinds – now they are full blown stars. That would be phenomenal casting in the right vehicle.

Also, Cameron Diaz hinted both she and her husband Benji Madden both are a little crazy; that is why their marriage works! Think of it – a little off-center – it is normal!

Have a wonderful week.