Circus 1903 works fine for current Vegas

Aug 1, 2017 2:30 AM

July, with all of its celebrations and scorching hot weather, has come to a close. Let’s hope August is a little kinder.

The opening of Circus 1903 had a delightful number of children in the audience who participated in the Ringmaster’s running commentary and fabulous sense of timing and humor, which kept the entire show of classic circus acts together and rolling. I particularly enjoyed the contortionist who made bendable a really accomplished art form!

The atmosphere was festive; popcorn and Cracker Jack were sellouts at the concession stand. But the most impressive use of puppetry is what really got to me! The two elephants – the larger one created by stilt walkers – were perfectly executed and synchronized. They were the highlight of the show.

We saw many friends there, including Frank Marino, star of Divas at The Linq, and Larry Edwards, also with Divas. We chatted with Dayna Roselli, morning breaking news anchor and midday co-anchor for KTNV-TV Channel 13, who was her usual down to earth, warm self.

The after party was a successful event bringing together the media and talent. Simply put, I had fun!

But the big question is: will this wonderful show survive in the Paris showroom up against mega giants, such as the Cirque shows and residencies? We certainly hope so. It is a great family orientated show. If you’ve seen it, send me your feedback, I’m interested.

Murder for fun

For a really fun and unusual experience definitely see Marriage Can Be Murder at The D in downtown. It’s a whodunit murder-mystery dinner show that truly entertains.

Yes, I said dinner show. For one great price you get a full meal and a show. At one time this was available at almost every showroom in town. Alas, no more… inflation, cost cutting, whatever… dinner shows are almost extinct… but they still exist at The D.

And here’s the best part about the show, the actors are seated throughout the audience. They walk in through the doors with the rest of the guests so you never know who is who. That oddball person seated at your table (no, not me) could actually be part of the show! Then, again, maybe he’s just an oddball. Who knows?

This show has been around for over 16 years so it must be doing something right. Definitely put it on your “must see” bucket list.

Bravo, Bakery

Luncheons have been a spotlight for me these hot weeks. I totally adore the French Bakery Cafe on West Sahara (in the same location as my favorite Mediterranean restaurant, Paymon’s). The Bakery makes, from scratch, the best Quiche Lorraine in town!!! Their sweet rolls and tarts are memorable.

I also love the divine pies baked fresh at DuPar’s in the Suncoast. Nice comfort food can be had there, and if you are a B Connected player, you can use your points to get 50% off your tab! That’s a great incentive!

At the cinema

“Dunkirk” did not do it for me. I expected a great, thunderous, compelling war film of the British soldiers stranded just across the English Channel. Also, I expected greater character empathy between the soldiers but was left with an empty feeling.

Harry Styles is very handsome, but behind a gas mask and goggles there was little to be ogled. Kenneth Branagh, one of the great British actors, both Shakespearean and modern, was like a grim statue. Such a phenomenal talent was almost emotionless.

“Dunkirk” may be a box office smash but I felt it was not worthy of the actual incident in the annals of history.

To get happy and have lots of laughs you must see “Girls Trip” with Queen Latifah, Jada Pinkett Smith with a fabulously funny, down home, slam dunk performance, Regina Hall and Tiffany Haddish.

These girls are on a roll – heading to New Orleans in a Flossy Posse reunion. It’s hysterical!!! This is not just a gal’s movie, it’s for everyone (but keep in mind it is R rated) Loved it, loved it, loved it! Every time I think of this film I break into a giggle.

My Minute: The Monti Minute filming is becoming a reality. I will keep you informed as to the latest from the greatest self-promoter of them all – ME!

Monti and Zozo say have a happy beginning of August!