B connected likely coming soon to Aliante

Aug 1, 2017 3:01 AM

If you haven’t visited Aliante Casino within the past few months you’ll need a new slot club card. This isn’t a new club but there have been some procedural changes implemented and a new card system has been installed. It is the same system Boyd B Connected uses, perhaps bringing this one step closer to merging the clubs at some yet undetermined point down the road.

In the past, players had to activate free slot play through a kiosk. That is no longer necessary. You can use the new cards directly at any machine and download freeplay from the keypad. You also no longer need to “pre-load” the machine with any cash and play down your free play. It takes no minimum to start or use your freeplay. The kiosks are necessary for printing food and gift vouchers, activating some point and drawing entry multipliers, playing kiosk games and reviewing your account information.

Players Club members earn points while playing at machines or tables that can be used for nearly all of the hotel’s many amenities. Point earning varies by activity.

• Earn one point for every $1 of coin-in on slots, video keno and video poker and one point for every $4 of coin-in on Optimum Play video poker. Earn 10 points for every $1 wager in bingo.

• Only points earned from playing video poker, video reels, reel slots and video keno are eligible for free slot play. (Bingo and pari-mutuel race points may not be redeemed for slot play.) Accounts with no activity (points earned or redeemed) for 13 months from the last date of activity are deemed “inactive” and all points earned in such accounts are subject to expiration.

• 1,000 points is equivalent to $1 in value with a $5 (5,000-point) required minimum per transaction to redeem points into slot play.

All points earned (except bingo and race) can be used for free slot play or for any food and beverage outlet, hotel and spa, pool, bingo and show tickets. Points earned for race and sports wagers are subject to a different set of rules, which may be obtained in the race and sportsbook.

There are four tier levels, all with increasing benefits: Premier, Celebrity, Headliner and Legend. Acquiring a Players Club tier provides additional program offers and benefits. At top Legend level, benefits include VIP Parking, 30% off cash purchases in the Gift Shop, two free movie tickets per month, two free buffets per month, 50% buffet point discount up to four, VIP line access, hotel discounts and more.

Earning tier credits varies by activity – Slots and Keno: $1 coin in equals two tier credits (Keno games on a multi-game cabinet will be treated as poker.)

Video Poker: $1 coin in equals one tier credit. Optimum Games: $4 equals one tier credit. Bingo: $1 equals 10 tier credits.

Table Games: Avgerage bet and time played. Sports: Based on type of wager placed.

The tier program is evaluated every six months and earning periods are Jan. 1 to June 30 and July 1 to Dec. 31. A brochure is available at the club desk describing benefits for all tier levels.

Every Sunday and Friday in August, guests can play the Swipe and Win Kiosk Game. Earn 10 points to play for a chance to win free slot play, dining offers, mystery prizes and more. Cash drawings will be held every Saturday in August at 7 p.m. Win up to $3,500. Every Wednesday, earn 10x points on slots and 5x points on video poker. Swipe to activate.

For more information about Aliante, visit www.aliantegaming.com.