After 40 years SNL still gets Emmys

After 40 years SNL still gets Emmys

September 26, 2017 3:00 AM


The Emmy’s! The Emmy’s! The Emmy’s! The world of the small screen – which is not so small as technology changed our homes to theaters!

The glorification of the home screen winners, presenters, crews, and the entire industry’s moment of accolades. Actually, being an official nominee is an award in itself. But here’s the rub, the first list of nominees are and can be, self-nominated by the actors/producers/writers/directors/et cetera, which causes me to ponder – is it a true popularity contest or a statue representing the finest? Think about it!

For me, it is the fashion parade. I miss the “Fashion Police” so much, and the dear and delightful Joan Rivers, who really knew how to dress. Whether it be glamour or her early days of a simple black shift dress with pearls, she had the know-how of a fashionista!

The designers and stylists for this parade of glittering “rags” are getting much better. They are more elegant, expressing the golden days of the silver screen – classy and classic. No more of those quirky “see if you can top me” shock value ensembles. The look now is.

I won’t bore you with a list of winners as I’m sure you know who they all are by now. But I must say it amazes me that after over 40 years on TV, “Saturday Night Live” is still an undisputed leader in its fabulous writing, pacing, improvisations, and impersonations. Lorne Michaels, the original factor behind SNL, gave birth to an amazing idea and it has grown to the acme of its field.

Shades of Rat Pack

Matt Goss – rumor has it – is back! Apparently, the end of this month or early in October, this classy man and his Rat Pack era attitude of real old time Las Vegas fun, will be at 1Oak nightclub at the Mirage. At this point exact dates and the length of his stay are unknown. I will keep you posted.

Vegas gone country

Vegas is going country! Well, at least the Tropicana is. Restless Heart and Shenandoah, two of the biggest country music hit-makers from the 89’s and 90’s, will at the Strip resort Oct. 28.

Restless Heart had six consecutive No. 1 hits in a row (“I’ll Still Be Loving You” was one of them), an amazing feat, and Shenandoah topped the charts with 26 singles, including “The Church on Cumberland Road.”

All you country music lovers will not want to miss this one-night-only affair.

Hard Rock laughs

The Hard Rock Café (on the Strip) has gone Bonkerz – that’s their new comedy series that features comedians from film, television and the club circuit.

Thursday, Saturday and Sunday you can catch Carla Rea, who has appeared on Conan O’Brien as well as Evening at the Improv, Showtime and Comedy Central

Next week, Oct. 5, 6, and 8, you can catch Erik Myers, who some describe as Rodney Dangerfield meets Sam Kinison. Oh, my.

REO at Orleans

Locals, who often aren’t fond of dealing with the traffic and parking issues of the Strip, can get their entertainment this weekend at the Orleans where REO Speedwagon will perform their iconic rock hits of the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s.

There are only two shows – one Saturday and one Sunday, both at 8 p.m., so don’t wait to get tickets, they’re going fast.

Strat magic

There will be magic at the Stratosphere next month as reality TV stars Jarrett & Raja entertain audiences with their amazing and unique blend of magic, music and comedy.

They will perform their Magic vs. Music show each Wednesday through Sunday beginning Oct. 18. Show time is 4 p.m.

At the Cinema

Please see “The Only Living Boy in New York!” You will thank me as this indie film unravels with some very famous cameos. It’s a coming of age film dealing with birth rights and realities of parenthood, and is quite remarkable.

And, do not arrive too late to see the opening titles as it moves in a fashion that gives a special Central Park moment and life to this masterpiece.

It’s a small world

My friend Lu, from the age of 11, was in the same insular Special Progress class (they skipped the 8th grade) with Rhea Perlman (“Cheers”) and Michael Berlin (writer/producer), and was a mere year behind the late Gary David Goldberg (producer) – all Emmy Award Winners. That was all in Brooklyn, New York – Seth Low JHS and Lafayette HS. Many more celebs came from these two schools, mostly TV greats.

Respectfully, Monti and ZoZo, the wonder dog