Finding the best slot club depends on the person

Feb 27, 2018 3:01 AM

A question I often get asked is, “Who has the best slot club for me to join? When should I join?” The simple answer is, “That depends…”

It’s not really a cop-out because the best slot club for you may be entirely different from what is best for me or someone else. The features and benefits of each slot club may vary widely. While some may concentrate on providing you with good future room offers and packages, others may be more willing to provide you with comps (casino comps) and/or cash back (or free slot play) for your current play.

It also depends largely on your level of play (how much money you’re willing to risk with the casino) as to the type of benefits you’ll receive both on your current visit and future visits as well. Frequency of visits also plays into your rewards. Most casinos base their rewards on your play within your past 30-90 days.

If you won’t be back within the time frames you could lose your rewards so it’s best to ask those questions at the club booth when you sign up. The best advice I can offer is to definitely join wherever you play and check with the slot club as to your rewards. If you feel you’re playing at a higher level, you can also ask to see a casino host, who can help you receive even greater rewards and benefits.

Two important suggestions and considerations I offer to everyone are:

1. Try not to spread your play too thin. If you’re playing on a very limited budget and pass through small amounts of cash at each casino, chances are you’ll end up with very little. You’d be better off to concentrate your play to two or three casinos at most to achieve greater rewards. Casino’s love player loyalty and will really work pretty hard to maintain yours.

2. Don’t continue to play beyond your intended budget or bankroll just to acquire a certain comp or particular benefit. Play at the level you’re comfortable with and let the rewards and benefits fall where they may, so that comps truly become an asset for you. In other words, if your luck at the machines has soured for a time, don’t succumb to spending another $500 to get your “free” $10 buffet!

As far as when to join a slot club, I always recommend joining any club whenever you plan to play before you ever drop your first nickel into a machine or your first buck on a table. Signing up is becoming even easier than ever before, too. Many of the corporate casinos have now combined their slot clubs so you can use the same card at all of their sister casinos and earn benefits wherever you play.

You only need to sign up once. You want to be able to begin being recognized by the casino and accumulating rewards as soon as possible. It never fails that we run into people all the time who say, “I should have joined when I first got here!” That being said, there can be benefits to signing up as a new member at many slot clubs and it can pay to keep your eyes and ears open for enrollment incentives. Visit the casinos’ websites for possible sign-up bonuses or coupons.

Ask at the club booth when you sign-up for any incentives, too. Often you’ll find various rewards only available when you first enroll for the club and have a limited time (usually 24 hours) to earn added extra free benefits.