Planet Stefani ready to orbit

Apr 17, 2018 3:00 AM

Gorgeous Gwen Stefani is returning to Vegas in a residency at the Zappos Theater (formerly The Axis) at Planet Hollywood. I felt it would happen – and it has! What a terrific entertainer and fabulously talented lady – singer, songwriter, fashion designer, actress – she does it all.

She wowed them at T-Mobile Arena in August 2016, and now returns with her residency beginning with three shows, June 27-30, and a commitment for 25 performances through March 2019. As a great fan of Stefani’s (pun is indeed intended), I will be in the audience rah-rah-ing her along with all her other greatest fans.

Her repertoire will include tunes from her beginning through current time. In addition, she will be donating a portion of ticket sales to Cure 4 the Kids Foundation, a Las Vegas non-profit that provides medical treatment to children with life-threatening conditions. Just one more example of how Las Vegans and LV performers help our city and our children. Gwen, you are truly a gem!

Rock solid VGK love

The Rock stopped by the Golden Knights’ practice facility at City National Arena in Summerlin (a stone’s throw from Red Rock Resort) last week and saw a moment to be etched in my memory. Young fans – little toddlers, geared up in Golden Knights logo wear, holding sticks bigger than they were, rooting for our Golden team! I and all of Vegas wish the Knights the best of luck in the Stanley Cup playoffs – and hopefully they win that golden cup!

Speaking of the Golden Knights, at the Bellagio you can see a Marc-Andre Fleury statue made of chocolate in the hotel lobby. For real! It’s about 5 feet high and weighs in at 120 pounds. In Vegas we go all out for our heroes!

Lovin’ South Point

Last week I was hysterically laughing at the South Point when Three Hysterical Broads took to the stage and made the audience howl in joy! Amy Ashton, Tammy Pescatelli and Wendy Liebman are some of the funniest stand-up comedians around of the new groups and artists. I hope they come back soon!

Then it was Deana Martin, back with her celebrity roast this past Sunday. This time the roastee was Joe Mantegna, word-renowned actor, producer, writer and director. The daughter of the Rat Pack’s Dean Martin, a talent in her own right, brought in Joe Piscopo, Lou Martini, Jr., Clifton Collins, Kirsten Vangsness, Gail O’Grady, Mike Marino, Matthew Gray Gubler and Tom Dreesen to assist with the roasting.

This week it’s my fave era – disco, as tribute band Stayin’ Alive (April 20-22) resurrects the Bee Gee hits and disco itself. Tickets are priced at $30, $35 and $40. What a bargain! What great music!

South Point has such wonderful entertainment and at very reasonable prices. Plus, the parking is always free, including valet!

A sad note

Yvonne Staples, 80, has passed away. She was the force behind the Staple Singers, a very successful gospel, soul and R&B group. Their number one hit, “I’ll Take You There,” was on the charts for 15 weeks in 1972. The Staples family was also active in the civil rights movement, and performed at events at the request of Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. Rest in peace, Yvonne Staples.

At the cinema

See “Isle of Dogs” directed by the visionary Wes Anderson. It is a heart throbbing tale of a young boy’s search for his lost dog, Spots, on Trash Island. This is a family film, though not for the little ones.

Odds & Ends

Opium opened at the Cosmopolitan and it was out of this world – literally.

I watched the Elton John tribute “I’m Still Standing” on CBS last week. It was fantastic! As my readers know, Sir Elton is one of my favorite all-time performers. Lady Gaga, Miley Cyrus, Kesha, John Legend, Ed Sheerhan and more all contributed to this wonderful tribute.

My dear pal, Lu, is on the mend from surgery last week. Do Monti a favor and send out a prayer for her rapid recovery. A great big thank you to her surgeons and the staff at Mountain View Hospital for giving her such good care. Get well soon, Lu!

I am still in the works for my Latino TV show and wish it would finally be taped. Things go slow then, wham, bam, you are on camera… and then viewed by the world! That’s entertainment!

See you next week,

Monti and Zozo the wonder dog