Alanis rocks the Palms; Knights come up short but we are proud

Alanis rocks the Palms; Knights come up short but we are proud

June 12, 2018 3:00 AM


Rephrasing former President Harry S. Truman’s desk sign, “the puck stopped here.” We took it farther than anybody could expect, still making sports history. The Capitals have been waiting for that Stanley Cup for 44 years and they finally earned and won it.

The Golden Knights brought our city together, healed its wounds and made the citizens proud, and they deserve every accolade. Embrace that – and wait until 2019!

Celine Dion has finished her 2018 residency at the fabulous Colosseum at Caesars Palace, a venue that seats about 4,300. My friend Lu and I caught one of her shows this month. It was a Tuesday and it was a sell out!

This lady is terrific, energetic and a very accomplished performer/entertainer with vast appeal that has captured the world of entertainment. From her burst from the Titanic’s theme song years back to her New Day that opened the Colosseum in 2004, she has never failed to exhilarate her fans.

Her repertoire changes with each series of engagement dates. This time her big band of the 1940’s era was added to the delight of all. It is incredible how that genre of music holds up nearly 80 years after it caught the world by storm.

Celine’s “scat” evoked memories of the great Ella Fitzgerald. Big Band jazz is uniquely American but was embraced by the entire world during the Great Depression and into the WWII years! It gave a crazy beat and helped push morale up of the entire world. USO parties for our servicemen always had big band sounds.

Celine wore the most glamorous, yet classy, gowns to date. She opened in a golden sequin creation that did not overwhelm but simply seemed to be part of her aura. Next was a taupe chiffon gown with a bejeweled waist. Then came the Number 29 Fleury Golden Knights jersey, which she wore as a mini dress. She has gorgeous gams (that is legs!).

Her finale was a composite of different sequins -- silver, gold, blush rose with a full length matching kimono style full length piece that gave her an ethereal presence.

But most of all -- that voice! Celine, we cannot wait for you to return. Thank you, John Nelson, SVP, and Melissa Adams of AEG Live, for making my Celine show possible.

Summer rocks

There is a hot summer coming with Nine Inch Nails at the Hard Rock, June 13, 15, 16. If you score tickets, expect to hear songs from their latest album, “Bad Witch,” out June 22.

Alanis Morissette will be at The Pearl at The Palms, June 22 and Sept. 29.

Gwen Stefani will be at Zappos Theater at Planet Hollywood for an extended run beginning on June 27.

Other upcoming shows include Mariah Carey at the Colosseum starting on July 5; Logic at the Park Theater on July 21; Stevie Wonder at Park Theater, Aug. 3, 4, 8, 10, 11; Chris Brown at T-Mobile Arena, Aug. 4; Queen and Adam Lambert at Park Theater for 10 shows in September.

In memoriam

A sad note for the world of fashion, Kate Spade, dynamite handbag and fashion designer and empire creator passed away by suicide on June 5.

Then on Friday, June 8, noted celebrity chef and television food critic Anthony Bourdain also committed suicide.

At the cinema

I saw “Ready Player One,” Steven Spielberg’s sci-fi action/adventure flick with fabulous special effects. I especially liked the dance scene that seems to imitate the dance floor and music of “Saturday Night Fever” while the two main characters dance in cyberspace of virtual reality. If you think this is only for kids, you are dead wrong!

The real goodie was “Always at The Carlyle,” a true documentary. The fabled hotel and residence on East 76th Street in New York City is one to glorify. If you are ever in NYC, check out their fabled Bemelmans Bar and the Café Carlyle cabaret where Bobby Short once reigned supreme.

Prior to the theater we went to the just opened Tomo Noodle and Dumplings, which is an Asian style tapas eatery. Fantastic! Mouthwatering fruit teas (Lu had watermelon, I had Ruby Rose) are perfect for re-hydrating parched bodies. The dumplings are incredible; so much so, that we ordered two portions, we could not get enough! I predict a sensational future for this new restaurant.

In the same locale, Viva Mercado’s Mexican Bar and Grill is offering a great selection of Happy Hour drinks, wines and a simple menu. Perfect for hot days.

Have a cool week.

Monti Rock III and Zozo the wonder dog