Bob Anderson will perform in Vegas Sept. 14 and 15

Aug 27, 2013 3:00 AM

Let’s talk about Bob Anderson, who will be here for a special weekend stint at the Italian American Club on Saturday evening, Sept. 14, and Sunday afternoon, Sept. 15.

The fabulous Vince Falcone is again his musical conductor. Bob is another of the last male singers who keep the music of Sinatra, Joe Williams, and his idol, Tony Bennett, vital and current.

In the early days of his career, Bob was fortunate to catch the eye of Nancy Sinatra, who gave him a spot in her Las Vegas show. This led to an appearance on the Merv Griffin television show on which Griffin called him “the singing impressionist” and made him a star.

Anderson is the only performer to appear twice during the same week on “The Tonight Show” with Johnny Carson and went on to do over 100 TV appearances. He has performed worldwide from New York to Las Vegas to Europe and has sung with the Las Vegas Philharmonic.

Bob is a master of the saloon singer school of entertainers, who were commonplace in the golden days of show business but are no longer around. Tickets must be purchased in advance. Please call 702-457-3866 for more information.

Steve Lawrence is the heir apparent to Frank Sinatra. Steve is one of the last of the great American songbook singers, along with Tony Bennett, Jack Jones, Michael Buble, Clint Holmes and Anderson.

We have to encourage Steve to come back and perform again. It would be good therapy for him, after losing his beloved wife of 55 years, Eydie Gorme, and wonderful news for his fans. He did a socko impromptu performance at Casa di Amore recently and blew the roof off.

Got a phone call from the great Morgana King. She is one of the greatest female singers of all time and remembered as Marlon Brando’s wife in The Godfather. She’s 83 years old and still often calls yours truly to reminisce. We’re still in there with the best.

I knew Lena Horne, Bobby Short, Nina Simone, Diahann Carroll and other New York “cafe society” performers who came to see me in the “in” clubs. They appreciated the fact that what I lacked in talent was made up with confidence and tenacity and that I dared to be different.

On my list of legends are the “chairman of the board” Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Sammy Davis Jr, and Mr. Lawrence.

My Time survey lists me as one of the 30 most underrated rock and roll singers along with Tom Jones, Pink and Freddie Mercury. What took them so long - I certainly didn’t expire. I want the world to know that I was and am a singer.

My list of the modern-day Vegas legends starts with Holmes, Anderson and the great Celine Dion. Celine is perhaps the only one who could consistently fill the 4,500 seat Colosseum on a nightly basis,

Then we have the divas -- Tina Turner, Aretha Franklin, Mariah Carey, Madonna, Cher, Bette Midler and a few more. The greatest new one, of course, is Lady Gaga, who can sing, write and perform. But Gaga is no Madonna, though she will take over that spot because she is young and will be around for a long time.

I also like Pink and Beyoncé. Then there is singer/actress Diana Ross who the studios and technology made sound great. She really has a strong stage presence and knows how to mesmerize an audience.

The 34th Annual San Gennaro Feast on Sept 10th-15th will be held at Grand Canyon Shopping Center with Tony Sacca hosting again. Tony has been been part of this event for the past 26 years. Food and entertainment always provide a great family experience. For more information contact Jackie Brett at 702-460-1836 or email at [email protected]

Giada De Laurentiis of Food and Cooking channels fame will be opening her first ever restaurant at the soon to be completed Gansevoort Boutique Hotel and Casino. Giada will feature a Rome style cuisine and an antipasto station.

The restaurant should be open in early 2014. Welcome to Las Vegas, Giada.

Be on the lookout for entertainer Jimmy Emerson to be seen in a new show along with reportedly in talks with Tommy Wind regarding his show at the Tommy Wind Theater (formerly the Broadway Theater). Jimmy has the talent and know-how to come up with the tops in entertainment.

Had dinner at Chinita’s Mexican Grill and Restaurant on W. Sahara and once again enjoyed the dishes seasoned with Asian spices. The wonderful Chinita also has a sister restaurant, The Sonrisa Grill, in Lake Las Vegas.

My prayers and best wishes go out to Diane Filter, wife of David (English Garden Florist) Filter. Diane has undergone open heart surgery and we want her home and healthy as soon as possible.

Try to catch the TV series “Ray Donovan” (on Showtime). The scripts and acting are top notch. Special kudos to Liev Schreiber and Jon Voight, who headed this talented cast and crew.

Speaking of Voight, this past week he was the latest celeb to fall victim to a death hoax on Faceboo. Just another in the unfortunately usual string of fake death reports involving celebrities.

Thankfully, the actor best known for his roles in Coming Home and Midnight Cowboy is alive and well.

Rumors of the actor’s alleged demise gained traction on Tuesday after a ‘R.I.P. Jon Voight’ Facebook page attracted nearly one million likes.

Those who read the ‘About’ page were given a believable account of the American actor’s passing:

expressing their sadness that the talented 74-year-old actor was dead. And as usual, Twittersphere was frenzied over the death hoax.

On the movie scene we have The Butler starring Forest Whitaker and Oprah Winfrey. This is the story based on the

White House butler who served under 8 presidents and also covers, among other things, the civil rights movement.

A must-see for everyone.

Monti Rock, who starred with John Travolta in the classic Saturday Night Fever, is a legend, performer, GamingToday entertainment columnist and marketing expert. Contact Monti at [email protected].

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